John Would Never Do That
By: Chris Murch


This story is of an adult/erotic nature with many sexual references that the reader may find offensive. It was written in a moment of curiosity and I suggest that any tp fan of a nervous disposition should not read it. If you are curious about the more graphic side of being a telepath, or just have a dirty mind read on...


Most of the characters used here are not mine but are the property of the creators and copyright holders, Roger Price Thames/Pearson TV etc... This story is based loosley on the Characters from the 1970 version of The Tomorrow People.

No one may post this story to any web page without my permission.

I would like to thank Jackie Newman for permission to use the 'Angie' character as Stephen's wife...


December 1984
The Lab

It was during the Christmas break, in their third year of marriage, that John, Liz, Stephen and Angie found themselves alone in the lab. It had been a very pleasant evening and they had all enjoyed an extremely nice meal in a local restaurant.

The younger Tomorrow People were spending the festive season at home with their respective families a rare occurrence these days. Sharing the Lab over the past few months had proved to be a rewarding experience for them all. Their intimacy had grown and even Mike's relationship with John had much improved.

They were all feeling light-headed, drunk on the atmosphere and pleasant company not alcohol.

The children slept soundly in the next room constantly monitored by the ever vigilant TIM.

Relaxing on the couches they continued the conversation that had started earlier. John on the right hand couch stretched out while Liz sat below him on the floor. As she sat deep in discussion he absent mindedly played with her hair.

"I wish you'd stop doing that."

"Stop what?"

Steven put down his orange juice and scratched the palm of his hand. "You're sending a ticklish feeling as you do that with her hair."

"I wasn't doing anything consciously, it's not my fault that you pick up unwanted sensations." He said rather too gruffly then smiled apologetically.

Liz lifted John's hand back to her head and he resumed the gentle stroking motion.

"This is not the first time that we have shared more than words or concepts." She remarked looking at Angie and winking.

"Hey what's going on! Is there something that you're both not telling us?" Stephen looked across at John who sat up more interested in this new line of conversation.

Turning to Stephen she continued. "Do you recall a few months ago when you and Angie jaunted back to the lab for some after noon delight while Andranovich was at the creche?"

He squirmed uneasily in his seat as he guessed what was coming next.

"Well I was at school over five miles away that day but the emotions were so intrusive that I had to excuse myself and sit in the ladies loo for nearly two hours."

They all received a telepathic image of her hot and sweaty, sitting in the little cubicle, as she tried to block the feelings of arousal which flowed into her mind.

At this John's expression turned to anger. He jumped up from the couch and started to pace around the room. He was suffering obvious embarrassment as well as anger at the realisation that they could share such intimate things.

At last he stood and faced Stephen. "Were you aware of this? How often has it happened?" He demanded.

It was Angie who spoke up first. "Calm down John. There's nothing wrong with it you know. Sharing such things is common on my world..."

John's face flushed red and he glared down at his friends wife. "But this is Earth *not* Manyarner, we all have a responsibility to be..."

"To be what?" She demanded in return.

(I know that you have all had a struggle to manage on this planet and that the responsibility is overwhelming sometimes but that doesn't stop you having fun!) She summoned her glass from the table using TK and it floated gently into her hand. (After all how are you expected to populate the planet with new Tomorrow People if you never do it?)

Liz, who had sat silently watching their angry exchange, stood and kissed her husband gently on the cheek. "Oh we do it just fine..." She said smiling.

At this Stephen could hardly contain himself and he burst out laughing. (We know you do) he pathed sending an image of John and Liz in a passionate embrace.

"You mean that every time we do it you..." John trailed off at the realisation. "And you knew about this, Liz?"

"Yes, I had a fair idea, it's difficult to block such transmissions when you're carried away in the heat of the moment."

John sighed deeply. "But I thought that we could shield our thoughts even from each other."

"We can, but it takes quite an effort and when you are preoccupied with something else you sometimes forget." Added Angie, relief showing in her voice as John's mood improved.

"But it's such a personal thing surely there can be some way to stop ourselves from doing it. I mean sending the thoughts not the other..."

At this Stephen giggled even more and rolled around on the couch holding his sides. (How the mighty are fallen) he pathed to Angie on their secret channel.

"If you were a bit more relaxed like the rest of us," remarked Angie, "you would enjoy sharing such things and not want to stop. That's one reason why we decided not to tell you that it sometimes happens. After all, we are all adults here and it's quite a natural thing. I wouldn't want to transmit things like that all the time, but it doesn't do any harm."

"And remember that it's not just words or images that we transmit." Said Stephen as his laughter subsided. "Angie and I often just pick up the emotion from you in the middle of the night... It's like being there with you. The best dirty movie I've ever seen."

John looked like he was about to explode then in a totally unexpected turn of events he too started chuckling. "It's so absurd..." he said through his laughter, "I can't believe it could have happened. We better not let on to anyone else, especially not Mike he'll want a ring side seat next."

They all laughed together the happy festive atmosphere returning to the Lab.

"We know a lot more intimate details about each other than we realised" said Liz pulling John down on the couch beside Stephen and Angie. "It's sort of nice to share with such good friends, it makes us a much closer family. Don't you think?"

Angie reached across Stephen and took Liz' hand. (What's mine is yours.) She pathed smiling. (There are no secrets here).

(Wow!) exclaimed Stephen (I never knew you wanted to..... here in the lab!)

John just sat open mouthed staring in disbelief at his friends. (You mean that you'd like to..... to share it all!)

To make her point Angie leant forward and kissed Steven full on the mouth. As she did so she lifted her hand to the neck line of her dress and provocatively brushed her fingers down over her breasts. The nipples became erect and opening herself up to them completely they all grew intensely excited.

Their combined physical response was very immediate. Angie sensed both John and Stephen's trousers strain under the pressure as their penises became engorged. Reaching out she used telekinesis to slowly unzip them.

Caught out by the intensity of his own reaction John suddenly put up a telepathic shield to block the others transmissions. "I can't..." he stumbled over the words "It feels wrong somehow."

Liz stood and pulled John to his feet. Instantly her cloths changed into a delicate blue neglige. He looked momentarily towards the others. By now they were enjoying exploring the depths of each other's minds and bodies reaching into the heart of the tissues and exciting themselves even more.

(Go on John) pathed Stephen, sensing his unease at the situation (We don't mind. Enjoy yourself.)

Liz gently embraced John (I've enjoyed sharing Angie and Stephen's delight in each other for years now, and wondered what it would be like to...) He received an image of them entwined a film of sweat covering their bodies as they shard in a mutual orgasm, intensified by the instantaneous pleasure felt by their friends.

She smiled and led him towards his cabin....

"You dirty little voyeuristic nymphomaniac. I love you." Were the last words John said.


Mike sat up with a start. He shook his head to try and clear the images of the dream from his mind. Looking towards the clock the illuminated dial told him that it was 1.30 am on Christmas morning.

Despite the hot stuffy atmosphere in his bedroom he momentarily shivered.

"Cor what a strange dream." he said into the darkness which surrounded him. "It was so... so real."


The biotronic computer's voice rang in his mind (Yes Mike what can I do for you at this hour?)

(TIM, are the other's OK?)

(Of course they are Mike, why do you ask?)

(Oh nofink, nothink. It doesn't matter.... Good night TIM.)

(Good night Mike)

Breaking the contact he sighed deeply. Had he detected a moments hesitation in TIM's usually unruffled voice? But he dismissed that in an instant, TIM was just not expecting him to be awake at this hour that's all.

He thumped the pillow to make a hollow for his head then settled down once more. 'It must have been a dream.' He thought as he relaxed. 'After all John would never do a thing like that. But Stephen? ... now that's a different story...'

The End