By: Renay Walker

Author's Notes and Disclaimer

Author's Note: Yes, I am at it again. For everyone who liked my previous brainchild, "Giving of Ourselves," then you'll probably like this one too. (No, it's not a sequel). For everyone who didn't like "Giving of Ourselves" and thinks that I'm a twisted little pervert - why are you reading this disclaimer? Anyway, this is another ADULT (NC-17 people) story. That means if you're not of legal age or you're squeamish - DON'T READ IT. There's plenty of other good, tame Tomorrow People fiction out there, so go find it.

Teaser/Summary: Adam makes some discoveries about himself . . . and Ami. Sort of.

Disclaimer: Not mine, not mine, not mine. Don't I wish? The characters of Ami and Adam do not belong to me. They are the property of Roger Damon Price, Thames/Tetra Television, Nickelodeon, etc. I am using them here without permission and I'm not making any money here at all. This is for fun and pleasure only.

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'Sweet like candy to my soul
Sweet you rock
and sweet you roll
Lost for you I'm so lost for you

You come crash into me
And I come into you
I come into you
In a boys dream
In a boys dream'

--Crash, Dave Matthews Band

The faint change in the steady hum and buzz of the Ship awoke me. The change was hard to describe, but the tone lifted slightly from being simple background noise to a warm embrace, a welcome of sorts. It took me a moment, still rising up from the fringes of sleep to place that sound. Someone else had teleported in.

Fighting to shake off the last cobwebs of sleep, I turned my head towards the main hold of the Ship. It wasn't unusual for one of the others to teleport to the Ship in the wee hours of the night, or morning depending on how you looked at it, and it wasn't usually for social reasons. If one of the others wanted to talk, I would offer a listening ear; if not, I would simply roll over and try to recapture the sleep I had been drawn from.

"Hello?" I called softly into the blueness of the hold illuminated by the Ship. If I received no answer, I would know to leave well enough alone.

"It's just me, Adam." Ami's accented voice drifted to my ears, her form filling the opening. "I couldn't sleep. I didn't mean to wake you."

"That's all right," I responded, pulling myself to a sitting position. "Sleep is overrated."

She smiled then, although I couldn't see it. The dim lighting and odd angles of the Ship cast odd shadows all about the place, but somehow I sensed it. I can't describe how I sensed it - it simply a part of the telepathy, a part of knowing one another so well.

"You don't mind if I stay here for a while?"

They always asked that. It didn't matter whom it was - Ami, Megabyte, and Jade - they always asked permission as though the Ship was mine and mine alone. I know that I spent a lot of time there, but I had a place to call home as well. Or at least a place with a bed and a kitchen that was a house if not a home.

"You know I don't, Ami."

She moved then, shifting position so that the flickering blue light caressed her, giving me the first full glimpse of her away from the shadows. Her gown was swirling, long and flowing white, a whisper of cotton and lace that seemed both blue and white and silver in the ever-changing alien light. She was reminiscent of an angel, an untouchable jewel bathed in ethereal light.

Ami is truly beautiful. I have always thought so. There is a light about her, an unspoiled innocence that is sweet and charming without being sickening or annoying. Her beauty is all the more poignant because it encompasses a beautiful, compassionate soul and she is so blissfully unaware of it. She has never noticed the admiring glances or the heads which turn in her wake, but I have. Too often it has been my head.

Frequently I have found myself admiring her when I know that she is not looking. When she is laughing or talking with Jade or Megabyte, or when her head is lowered over a book, millions of braids falling forward to hide her face like a veil. Always it makes my mouth quirk in a smile to see her, to spend time with her, to have her as a friend and confidante. Ami radiates a warmth and compassion that is somewhat intoxicating, that I have come to depend on, and when she is distressed - I seem to be distressed as well.

Tonight was no different. She was restless, moving like a wraith, her hands twisting around one another as she shifted from one bare foot to the other in the open hatchway. She would come no further unless I invited her. But also she would not go away unless I sent her.

"Sit down," I said by way of invitation. I moved over to make room for her beside me on the small bunk I used for my bed when I am at the Ship.

She hesitated a moment, but only a moment before moving forward. The gown moved with her, flowing like a river of shining silver that carried her along. As she stepped towards me, the gown parted slightly, revealing a length of dark leg that seemed to go on forever. The gown was a startling and tantalizing contrast to that hint of cocoa flesh and I drew an involuntary and shuddering breath.

I have seen Ami wearing less and more suggestive. I have seen her in a bathing suit. I have seen her after a rainstorm when her clothes are plastered to her body. I have seen her racing around her home in a bathrobe while she and Jade fretted for endless hours over what to wear out dancing or to a movie. Yet, somehow this was different. Somehow, that brief flash was the proverbial forbidden fruit, forcing my attention in directions that it should never have gone.

Yet it was going. And as she moved towards me, I couldn't stop my traitorous eyes from following their own agenda. Upward from the split in the gown that revealed her thighs to follow the shape of her form barely hidden and yet concealed beneath the gauzy material. I could see the sharp contrast of white against white where her panties covered and where my imagination would gladly have drawn pictures had I allowed it. Higher still, my eyes rose until they rested on her breasts, the material not quite thick enough to hide the dark aureoles and nipples straining against the thin sheath.

A thousand, no, a million thoughts flickered through my mind, and none of them were acceptable. I was grateful for the dim lighting as she sank to the bunk beside me because it prevented her from seeing the blush I could feel rising up my neck and into my face. The saddest part was that the blush was not from shame or embarrassment, but rather from a lust and desire like nothing I had ever experienced before - at least not where Ami was concerned.

"Was there anything you wanted to talk about?" The words came out in a rush. I was struggling to keep from sounding breathless. I reached out and took her hand, the reasons were two-fold. It was tactile support on one level. On a more personal level I wanted - no, I needed to touch her. I needed to feel the softness of skin beneath my fingertips.

Ami shrugged, an innocent gesture, but it did the most interesting things to her upper torso. I lost the battle with my body to keep my eyes trained on her face, but she didn't seem to notice. "I don't know what it is. I'm just - restless - lately."


"Bored then." She shrugged again, her head lowering, that veil of ebony braids falling into place. "I guess I'm just waiting for something to happen."

"Something like what?" I tried to ignore her closeness and the effect it was having on me. I tried to ignore the pounding of my heart and the way I fought to keep my voice from panting. My reactions didn't make sense and my mind looked for reason; my body simply went along for the ride.

"I don't know. Something." Her voice was quiet now, her head rising slowly. When her eyes met mine, it hit me. Call it passion, call it lust, but whatever it was I nearly moaned in response to it.

They say that life is made up of important moments. Good or bad, these are the moments that shape you and your future. These are the moments that give you choices, and you must choose which road is the right one. This was one of those moments.

If I had deluded myself into believing that Ami hadn't noticed my reactions to her, the blindfold fell from my eyes as those dark orbs met mine and swallowed me in their intensity. Perhaps she had seen all along what I hadn't seen or felt until tonight, perhaps I had always seen it but had simply refused to acknowledge it. At that time, I didn't care anymore and it didn't matter. What did matter was that she had seen it, and she had found the courage to act upon it when I hadn't.

Or more rather she had taken the first step.

I reached out and caressed her cheek. Lightly and softly, fingertips brushing ever so gently tracing the curves there before leaning forward and catching her lips lightly beneath mine. It seemed an eternity while I waited for her response, while a part of me silently pleaded that she didn't panic and run.

I needn't have worried. Her lips parted slightly, an invitation if I had ever received one and I felt one hand come to rest on my bare shoulder. The combination of sensation was enough to make me dizzy. As if it were not enough to kiss her, to taste the sweetness of her mouth, I also had her feather light touch, her hand sending an electrical charge through me where she touched.

My tongue slipped past her unprotesting lips and I left no part of her mouth unkissed and unexplored. Tongues danced and played, the kiss sustaining us as though it were oxygen itself. But the kiss was only the beginning and I wanted to do so much more than kiss Ami. As I drew back, she protested, her other hand disengaging from mine to grip my other shoulder.

I laughed softly against her lips, then allowed my kiss to trail to her cheek and the soft, tender point right beneath her ear. I felt her relax then, relieved that I hadn't suddenly had a change of heart. Raising my eyes to her own, I saw the flickering of nervousness and shyness that could only come from that sweet innocence that I had admired for so long. That sweet innocence that she was offering up to me this night.

I cupped her cheek gently in my hand, my thumb brushing her lips. Forcing myself to speak, I asked the question that I did not want to ask, but knew that I must. "Ami, are you sure about this?"

She nodded, without hesitance and without reluctance. "Positive." And then, she drew back slightly, "Unless you . . ."

Like a skittish colt, she was on the verge of fleeing from me at the slightest provocation. While I may not have had the wisdom or the insight to bring things to this point, I wasn't foolish enough to let this matter die before it even had a chance to live. "I do, Ami."

Then to reassure her, to confirm the honesty of my words, I kissed her again. Tenderly and deeply, drawing her slight form into my arms. I did nothing more than kiss her for the longest time, enjoying the delightful taste of her lips and the wonderful feeling of her body pressed against mine. My fingers wound through her braids and traced the gentle curves of her shoulders and back until I felt her relaxing in my arms.

Only then did I draw back to look at her again, a bit surprised to see those dark eyes focused intently on me as I placed but the smallest bit of distance between us. The look she gave me was not one of fear or shyness now, but rather a questioning curiosity.

I answered her silently, giving her only a small - and I hoped mysterious - smile. One hand traced a path from her cheek to her lips and then lower, brushing her chin and the arch of her neck. And lower yet, gliding across her collarbones and dancing down the hallow between her breasts, all the way to her abdomen. And back up again, stopping only when my hand reached the place where a few satin ribbons held the gown tied above her breasts. She stirred for the first time since I had began my tentative caress, drawing a quick breath. Beneath my fingertips, I could feel her heart pounding.

I raised my eyes to hers, and relief greeted the sight of her staring earnestly at me. The curiosity had not gone away, but rather it had been joined by something else - longing or desire perhaps. Reassured by the truth in her eyes, I returned my attention to those ribbons, untying them ever so slowly. Even untied, the material of her gown did not instantly fall away, but rather I had to guide it, slowly pushing the material away from her shoulders and down to her waist. I didn't allow myself to truly look at her until the gown pooled around her slim waist, and then I almost wished I hadn't.

Her breasts were perfect. Round and high, the dark nipples already beginning to harden. It took every ounce of willpower I had to not simply grab them harshly or to lower my mouth and simply plunder them. It did not help that Ami had closed her eyes, her lower trembling as she held it between her teeth. A part of me realized that this was complete insanity, that I should not be taking advantage of Ami's innocence like this whether she had offered it or not. That part was beaten into senselessness by the hormones that raged and screamed and demanded that I give into the dark urges of my body.

I wanted to, but I did not. I wanted to do nothing more than drag her down to the bed and take her with a rough and furious passion, but I still had enough control to ignore that desire. Instead, I lifted my hands slowly, guiding them upwards over the planes of her abdomen, sweeping the underside of her perfect breasts before finally rising up to brush them with a feather light touch. I heard her surprised gasp as I initiated such an intimate touch, and I could feel her sudden tension. Again, I was reminded of her innocence and I forced myself to go slowly.

I cupped those mounds in my hands, my thumbs tenderly and lightly encircling the nipples. Ami gave a soft moan at the first touch and I felt the corners of my mouth quirk in the slightest smile. I continued to stroke her, allowing her to grow accustomed to my touch, and only when I felt her body relaxing again did I take my explorations further. Softly pinching the hard nipples, I was rewarded with a low whimper that made my own heart skip and blood race. The noise was quite erotic, and deciding that I liked it, I repeated the action that had caused it, venturing to gaze at her face for a moment.

The moment I did, I almost wished that I hadn't.

God in heaven, but she was absolutely radiant. The sight of her was breath taking, and I almost forgot what I was doing as I admired the effect I was having on her. Ami's head was thrown back, her eyes tightly closed. Dark, long lashes brushed her cheeks and her lips parted slightly as she took sharp, shallow breaths and whimpered in encouragement. Then, as if sensing my eyes on, her eyes opened and her head lowered. Her eyes were drowsy, lazy, and heavy with arousal and I felt myself harden at that sight.

"Oh God," I whispered, nearly choking on the words.

My response confused Ami, and nearly immediately I felt all of her shields coming into place. Her eyes widened like a startled and cornered animal, and as she began a retreat, her arms rose quickly to shield her nakedness from my eyes.

"Don't," I whispered, my hands falling to her waist to hold her there. "Please don't hide from me, Ami."

"I don't-" She was panicked now, the tension returned to her body. Her gaze was pleading, questioning.

"You're beautiful," I assured her, coaxing those arms away from her breasts. I caught her lips briefly beneath mine. "Trust me on that." I continued to whisper, to murmur softly to her as I kissed away the fear and anxiety, tasting for the first time the soft skin of her neck and shoulders. I avoided those breasts, though they called to me like sirens, until she relaxed yet again in my arms. I coaxed her backwards, onto the bunk beside me, all the while placing a trail of gentle kisses on her exposed flesh. My lips traced her collarbone, and dipped to the plane between her breasts and then, I dared to place the lightest and softest of kisses on one still hardened nipple.

"Oh!" It was a sound halfway between a gasp and a cry, but Ami's reactions left no doubt of the sound's meaning. Nearly the moment my lips grazed the bud, her hands grasped my head, drawing me close and I was happy to comply. My mouth wrapped around that darkened nub, my tongue lathing it with attention. I used lips, tongues, and teeth, Ami's soft whimpers and moans encouraging me in my pursuits. When one nipple grew too sensitized, I delivered a last kiss and moved on to the other, keeping the young woman beneath me in a constant state of sensation.

Her reactions were enflaming my own desire. I was trying my hardest to ignore the hardness of my cock which was begging for some kind of release, trying not to drown in the pleasure and erotica that made up the waves of sensation that flowed from Ami to me. I knew her pleasure, and that knowledge made me dizzy with desire. Added onto that was the soft music, a cacophony of moans, gasps and whimpers that came from Ami as she writhed in the most suggestive fashion beneath me and it was amazing that I did not simply lose control and have her on the spot.

Ami's hips rocked against me, a plea that I wasn't even sure that Ami was aware that her body was making. Without withdrawing my attentions from her breasts, I sent my hands roaming lower, guiding the gossamer gown down her legs and away from her body. With an eagerness and flexibility that was both unsuspected and welcome, Ami aided me in this, raising her hips, and then her legs in an effort to be free of the material.

Freed from the confines of her gown, she lay on the bed semi-bare, the only covering on her body was that of the lacy white panties she wore. I drew back, taking the opportunity to look at her, my eyes hungrily devouring every bared inch of flesh. Her breath came in short, sharp gasps that made her chest rise and fall in the most beautiful of fashions. Her lips parted slightly and she gazed at me with mixed fear and passion.


"Shh," I silenced her with a kiss. [I want this, Ami. I want you. But nothing's going to happen here that you don't want.] I soothed her with kisses and mental affirmations, although I wasn't one hundred percent positive how truthful the last of that was. If Ami wanted this to stop, I would try my damnedest and hope that I had enough willpower to carry it off. But at this point in time, I didn't know.

Fortunately, it wasn't something that I had to worry about. As my mouth covered hers, she responded in kind, pulling me forwards and downwards in an eager kiss. We kissed urgently, hungrily, the feeling of her bare skin against mine more potent than any aphrodisiac. Lips, teeth and tongues touched necks, and shoulders, kissing whatever parts of her I could reach, and enjoying the pleasurable noises that she made. My hands continued their explorations of her body, moving blindly but happily until I encountered the elastic of those lacy panties.

I moved slowly and tentatively, brushing my fingers ever so lightly against the treasure that the barrier hid. Ami gasped at the touch, as did I, but for entirely different reasons. She gave a gasp of surprise mingled with pleasure, her hips instinctively rising towards that touch; I gasped at the heat and dampness that I felt with that slight pass.

I wanted her so much that it hurt. I wanted to rip her panties from her body and simply bury myself inside of her forever.

But I remembered her innocence and forced those urges aside. I wouldn't become animalistic and primal, not here, not now, not yet. If I were lucky, in the future, there would be time for that later.

My fingers made another pass and then a third over the dampness of Ami's panties, inflaming both of our passions. On the fourth pass, I slipped my fingers beneath the elastic, my mouth descending to catch one of her nipples between my lips. One finger slid between the delicate folds before finding home inside of her tight channel.

"Adam!" There was no panic or fear in that cry that hung somewhere between an exclamation of surprise and a shout of pleasure. She arched her body towards me as my fingers explored the wet folds of flesh hidden beneath the panties. She said nothing else, lapsing into a symphony of moans and sighs, her hips rocking in rhythm with my stroking finger. Not that I minded. It was the most beautiful music that I had ever heard.

I brushed my thumb against her clitoris, giving it sensation for the first time. Her cry was incoherent, but the way her hips rose and her hands gripped my head it was more than encouraging.

Bringing her pleasure this way inflamed me as well. The feeling of her wrapped around my finger was enough to fan the flames of my imagination. I wanted to sink into her, to feel her wrapped around my cock, her legs around my waist. I wanted to take her and make her mine, to claim her totally and completely.

Not yet, that still rational part of me whispered.

I gave a final kiss to both her breasts, my lips now blazing a slow trail down her abdomen. I had a sudden desire to taste her, to kiss her in the most intimate of fashions, and lost in her pleasure I didn't imagine that Ami would be all that objective. I stopped my stroking for a moment, just long enough to ease the wet panties away from her body. I kissed my way back upwards, leaving a trail of moist kisses from the sole of her foot to the back of her knee to inside her thigh. It was only when I placed a gentle kiss on the silken skin of her thigh that Ami got wind of my intentions and began to tense.

I stopped her from closing her thighs and barring me passage by resuming the tender stroking of her channel. As she began to relax, her eyes fluttering closed and her head thrown back, I lowered my mouth and gave a slow, all encompassing lick of those delicate folds. I was rewarded with a sudden and sharp jerking of her body and a gasp of surprise.

"Please . . . oh God, Adam, please." Her plea sounded almost pained, and as much as the urgency of her cry surprised me - those were the first verbal approvals I had been given - I was not about to deny the lady or myself a moment longer.

I lowered my mouth entirely, earnestly licking her weeping sex. She squirmed and writhed against me, her hands clenching my hair. Ami's whimpers grew louder, small pleas for me to continue and not stop. I had no intention of stopping, not until I took her where I wanted her to go. My tongue plunged into the depths of her, swirling inside to taste and touch her in every way possible. Then I licked upwards, replacing my tongue with my finger as my mouth latched onto the one spot that would bring her the greatest pleasure.

As I drew the inflamed and swollen nub of her clitoris into my mouth, Ami gave a keening cry that nearly drove me over the edge. Her hips thrust forward, her hands gripping my hair so hard that it smarted. That pain didn't matter; I was far too focused on her center of pleasure to care anymore. I licked that button, swirling my tongue around it before taking it between my lips to suckle it as I had her breasts, the entire time keeping my finger stroking her depths.

Ami twisted and cried, her moans growing louder and more fervent. The sounds she made were echoed by her inner muscles clenching around my finger. And then it happened.

I felt her entire body shudder once as she drew a sharp, deep breath and then suddenly, she gave a cry of ultimate pleasure, her entire body arching off of the small bunk. Her muscles clenched tightly around my buried finger as she came, for what I knew to be the first time in her life, and ripples ran through her slight frame. All the while, I continued to lathe her with attention, drawing out her pleasure for as long as possible. The only thing that stopped me from coming at that moment myself was my still aching desire to possess her totally and completely.

I didn't leave the haven I'd found between her legs until I felt her hands gently but insistently pushing me away from her over-stimulated center. I complied, raising up to rain kisses down on her abdomen, noticing how small tremors still racked her body as she recovered from her orgasm. I hid my smile and my soft laughter in those kisses, a bit elated at knowing that I was the one that brought her to those heights first. With my chin resting on her abdomen, I gazed up at her, admiring the attractive rise and fall of her breasts as she panted for air, enjoying the sight of her still hardened nipples standing like soldiers at attention. Ami's skin was flushed from pleasure, a thin sheen of perspiration covering her like a fine and delicate mist.

No more waiting, no more arguing. I had to have her. I had to be inside of her now.

I kissed a path upwards, no longer slow, delicate and teasing kisses but a determined upward trail that stretched my body besides hers and gave me the opportunity to look into her face. Her eyes were closed, and even the gentle sweep of my fingers across her cheek didn't open them.

"Ami?" I was surprised to discover the hoarseness of my voice.

She turned to my voice, her eyes fluttering open slightly. They were still dark, almost black with remaining desire. It made me ache. "Mm?"

"I want you," I whispered breathlessly. "I want to be inside of you."

I didn't know what I expected. What I didn't expect was the way the flush seemed to slowly fade from her face, her eyes taking on that startled fear again. What I didn't expect was the sudden and overwhelming backlash of fright and anxiety that almost hit me hard enough to make me lose my raging erection. Almost, but not quite.

"We don't have to, if you don't want to," I continued, my own anxiety and nervousness rising. "We can stop right-"

I never got to finish speaking. In a flash, Ami lashed out, her arms snaking around my head as she pulled me forward in a long and hungry kiss. It was as though suddenly the tables had turned and I was the one being claimed and possessed. Hands that had been idle and hesitant before now roamed over my body with manipulative control that heightened my every sense.

I vaguely wondered who would have thought that Ami had this much fire inside of her, but I pushed the thought aside. I didn't care anymore. I had lit this fire and I'd be damned if I were going to allow it to smolder before I tasted more of it.

As much as I wanted to allow Ami her chance to explore my body as I had done hers, I knew that I no longer had the patience or the drive to wait. As quickly as I could shed my boxers, I was cradling her beneath me, placing my body between her legs. My swollen, hungry shaft pressed softly against her opening and I gazed down at her a final time.

Ami smiled up at me encouragingly, but the way she drew her lower lip between her teeth went a long way to tell me how nervous she truly was.

Damn my conscience, her nervousness gave me pause.

"Ami -- we don't -- "

Soft fingertips touched my face. [Gentle, okay?] Then, as if to encourage me along, she shifted beneath me, her soft folds pressing even more tightly against me.

I kissed her tenderly and soothingly and plunged deeply into her body.

Ami gave a faint cry and her body stiffened slightly for a few heartbeats. I didn't do anything for the longest time, as difficult as that was. She surrounded me, her virginal muscles tightening and spasming around me as her body worked to adjust to my intrusion. I wanted to give her time to grow accustomed to me, though every part of my body screamed for me to thrust deeply into her again and again.

When I dared to look at her, she gave me another smile, her eyes clear. And curious.

I knew then that it was time to escalate things.

Leaning forward, I captured her mouth and began to slowly thrust . . .

. . . only to wake up clinging to the edge of an empty bed in a darkened room.

Throwing the covers off, I sat up and swore loudly. The dream again. Every three or four nights almost as regular as clockwork. And always, always when I convinced myself that I wasn't going to have that particular dream again.

What the hell was going on? I was having erotic dreams about Ami and had been for nearly two months. And the dreams were more vivid - colors, smells, sounds - than any fantasy or memory could ever be.

Burying my face in my hands, I released a loud groan. I couldn't take much more of this.

What the hell did it all mean?

And more importantly, what was I going to do about it?



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