Stories Organized Alphabetically By Author's Last Name

Clark, Jacqueline:

Darkness and Lust - -Eighth in the Kindred Spirits series.

Freeman, Megan:

Headlong, Headfirst - After Ruth dies, Megabyte goes to visit Kevin and realizes that there are some things time cannot erase. PG-13/R [Megabyte/Kevin]

Murch, Christopher:

It's a Sin - The Tomorrow People have taken a well earned rest on the planet Manyarner, a place of magic and mystery, where they find it hard to keep their feelings hidden from one another. This has a profound affect on Mike and Hsui Tai's relationship which soon develops into more than just a friendship! NC-17 [Mike/Hsui Tai]

John Would Never Do That! - The Tomorrow People discover that they share more than thoughts with each other... How can John cope knowing that another person has been sharing his most intimate moments with his wife? NC-17 [John/Liz, Stephen/OFC]

Walker, Renay:

The Crash Series

Crash - Adam makes some discoveries about himself . . . and Ami. Sort of. NC-17[Adam/Ami]

Close Your Eyes - Adam and Ami share a moment. R [Adam/Ami]

Scattered Thoughts: Wanting Is Hell - Adam reflects on his dreams, and the kiss. NC-17 [Adam/Ami]

Little Earthquakes - Adam and Ami learn that the kiss was only the beginning. NC-17 [Adam/Ami]

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Adam receives some unwanted advice.

A Friendly Word - Ami vents and worries after the events of Little Earthquakes.

Jupiter - Adam and Ami finish what was started in 'Little Earthquakes.


Giving Of Ourselves - Sometimes friends need to do more than just talk. m/f/m NC17 [Adam/Ami/Megabyte]

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