By: Renay Walker

Author's Notes and Disclaimer

Here it is. My 7th installment in the 'Crash' Series. That's all there is to say about that. Thanks to everyone who's been reading and providing me feedback and encouragement. Oh, and this one is definitely NC-17, so if you're squeamish, go find something else to read.

Summary: Adam and Ami finish what was started in 'Little Earthquakes.'

Disclaimer: Adam Newman and Ami Jackson are not mine. They belong to Roger Damon Price, Thames Television, Tetra Television, ITV, et. al. I am using this without permission, but not for profit.


Venus de Milo in her half-baked shell
Understood the nature of love very well
She said, "A good love is delicious,
You can't get enough too soon.
It makes you so crazy you want to swallow the moon."
--- Jupiter by Jewel

"Hi, Adam."

Holding the door open, Adam stared in dumbfounded silence at the young woman on his doorstep. After spending the last few days coming to the realization that Ami was indeed avoiding him and wondering what - if anything - he should do to remedy the problem, he wasn't prepared for her to show up on his doorstep.

"Ami?" It was really more of a question than a greeting.

"I, um, I thought we should talk." She shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, absently tugging on the hem of her dress. The hem of a dark burgundy and black slip dress that Adam was relatively certain that he had never seen Ami wear before. He was relatively certain of it because he knew that there was no way he would have forgotten seeing Ami in something that short and that clung to her the way this particular dress did.

"Talk?" Adam repeated the word blankly and silently cursed himself for an extreme lack of eloquence.

"Or not," Ami continued hurriedly. Her words tumbled out, one on top of the other so quickly that Adam wondered if she would ever stop to take a breath. "If you're busy, I can leave. And come back later. If you want to talk later. Which if you don't is perfectly all right too. I just -"

"Ami." Finally gathering his wits about him, Adam interrupted her. He reached across the threshold and took her hand in his own, trying to ignore the tingle that raced up his arm at that simple touch. He felt her nervousness and anxiety as plainly as though it was his own. "It's all right. Come on in."

She hesitated. "You're sure you don't mind?"

"I don't mind." His words accompanied a gentle tug on her hand, pulling her across the threshold and into his flat. As she brushed past him, Adam caught the soft scent of perfume, something light and incredibly sexy. He had to stop himself from following through on the very sudden and irrational urge to sweep his lips across her bared shoulder.

Less than a minute alone with her and she had already reduced him to a senseless pile of hormones - and she had no idea what she had done.

Adam forced himself to take a deep breath as he closed and locked the door behind her. Her perfume still lingered in the area around the door, and for half a moment, Adam wondered if it wasn't entirely possible that Ami knew exactly what effect she was having on him. He tried to discard the notion the moment it entered into his head - Ami was not a seductress - but as he turned and looked at her again, he had his doubts.

The dress was definitely not one that Ami would have normally worn. It alternately clung and rippled at various points on her body, feeding and fueling the imagination. And if he wasn't mistaken, her lips were redder than normal, her eyes larger and rounder and lined in charcoal.

But as quickly as he had his doubts, they were banished. The way she moved, like a slightly skittish colt, repeatedly tugging at the rising hem told Adam that she wasn't one hundred percent at ease in her current wardrobe selection. It was actually a bit endearing, although Adam had to wonder why she was wearing it when she would have been more comfortable in jeans and a pair of running shoes.

To impress you, idiot, he could hear Allan's voice in the back of his head.

Well, she didn't need to try to impress him. The very fact that she was here at all spoke volumes. The others tended to avoid coming to his flat unless it was an absolute emergency. They usually met him at the Ship or called him to the Ship; it was as if by some unspoken agreement they chose to give him the privacy and separateness that he desired and they seldom infringed upon it. The fact that Ami had told him that she was as confused and uncertain about what had happened between them as he was - probably a great deal more so.

"You weren't busy?" Ami perched hesitantly on the edge of the sofa.

"Just catching up on some reading."

"Oh, what were you reading?"

"Stephen King. Bag of Bones."

"Is it good?"

"I'm enjoying it."

"Then I guess it's good," Ami smiled.

"I guess."

Pleasantries ended, they sat on the sofa side-by-side in an uncomfortable silence. They both knew that something had to be said, but neither of them seemed to know where to start.

Finally, Adam spoke. "Ami-"

"I'm sorry," Ami said in the same moment.

In his mind's eye, Adam replayed the events on the beach and quirked an eyebrow in confusion. "You're sorry? You didn't do anything, Ami."

"I'm sorry for avoiding you all week when you wanted to talk to me." She bit her lip nervously and released a deep breath, her eyes darting to her lap where she smoothed invisible wrinkles from the dress. "It was very childish and not a good way to resolve anything, so I'm sorry."

She took another breath, raising her eyes to meet his gaze. "And I understand completely if it was all a mistake. And we just got caught in a moment, and it didn't mean anything. I understand that completely, I do. And it's okay."

If she hadn't been staring at him with such earnestness in her eyes, Adam might have laughed at the irony of the situation. Here he had spent the better part of the week worrying that he had caused irreparable damage to his friendship with Ami - hence the avoidance therapy - and she came to offer him absolution. Never thinking - hoping perhaps - but never thinking that he might have a genuine interest in her.

Interest. More than attraction. He could finally admit it to himself even if he couldn't admit it aloud.

Adam didn't laugh. He did the only other thing he could think of to do under the circumstances. He kissed her soundly.

Adam didn't know what to expect when he kissed Ami, but he was positive that he received all his expectations and more. The moment his lips made contact with hers, she threw herself into that kiss, her lips parting and her mouth opening in invitation. That small invitation was all that he needed. As her arms wound around his neck, he kissed her hungrily, an addict feeding his addiction.

The simple taste of her elicited reactions from his body that swept him away in their intensity. He didn't want to take advantage of Ami, of her trust and her openness but he could already feel himself sliding towards that dangerous cliff. The cliff where the entire world gave way before his hormonal urges. His hands cupped the back of her head, buried deep within that collection of braids, both holding her steady and holding her prisoner. Yet she never hesitated nor resisted, the more he took, the more she gave, and she clung to him, her body pressed so closely against his that he could feel every supple curve molding to him.

How long they stayed that way, drowning in the taste and touch of the other' s mouth, Adam didn't know, and truly didn't care. Had it not been for the demands of their oxygen starved lungs, he might not have pulled his lips from her own, silencing her small whine of indignant protest with a string of kisses sprinkled across her face.

His lips brushed her cheeks, her eyelids, and her temples. This was sweeter than a dream and more potent than any fantasy. She was here in his arms, and he was losing himself in the smell of her, the taste of her, the very feel of her soft, warm skin beneath his fingertips where they brushed her bare shoulders. He kissed her ear, his tongue teasingly exploring the curves and folds there as his hands roamed the landscape of her body. Fingers traced the curves and bumps of her spine, lips and tongue roamed across her delicate collarbones. Kisses sprinkled themselves across the tops of her breasts; the same breasts that peeked over the scoop neck of the dress, the same breasts that he cupped gently in each hand. Her fingers buried themselves in his hair, a silent encouragement and as his mouth worked its way back to recapture hers, he brushed his palms across each of them, marveling at how quickly they hardened, straining against the soft material of her dress, begging for attention. The touch made Ami tremble and writhe instinctively towards him and a soft moan came from somewhere in the back of her throat.

That sound brought the first crashing blow of reality to him. He broke away, holding her close, aware now that his heart pounded so hard in his chest that he was amazed that it did not explode. Her body trembled in his arms, and his voice was hoarse when he finally found the ability to speak. "Ami, if this doesn't stop here and now, I don't think I'll be able to later."

"That's all right," she whispered the words into his neck, her mouth mimicking the path his lips had traveled across her neck earlier. Her boldness surprised him and instinctively, he tightened his arms around her. For a moment he allowed himself to drift, drawn pleasantly along by the soft rain of kisses that fell upon him from her mouth.

She learned quickly, Adam dimly realized as Ami's mouth found his pulse point and her tongue licked experimentally at that spot. She was only mirroring what he'd done to her earlier, but the effect was mind numbing. He didn't realize that they had reclined backwards on the sofa, her body fitted snugly between his legs until reality washed over him again, brought on this time by the feeling of her warm, soft hand on the bare skin beneath his shirt.

"Ami," he meant it as a protest but realized that the words sounded more like a plea. He caught her hand as it rose higher, exploring his chest like a child discovering tactile sensation for the first time. He waited until her head rose and her eyes met his, the pure fire there enough to sear him to his core. "I - I don't think that I can trust myself."

Pulling her body upwards, and moving against him in a way that made him far too aware of just how much he couldn't trust himself, she gave him a soft and tender kiss. Almost too soft and tender in comparison to the passion they had been feeling a few moments earlier. [I trust you, Adam.]

It took all of his strength and willpower to draw back from her, holding her some distance away. Not that it did much good when her body still sprawled half on top of his and he could feel the evidence of his desire pressing into her thigh. "Ami-"

"I trust you, Adam." Ami repeated the words aurally, her dark-eyes holding his gaze. There was a glimmering knowledge in her eyes; an acceptance and a hunger that so mirrored what he recalled from his dreams that it was more potent than a drug. She did know where this was leading, and she offered up no reservations.

Trembling fingertips traced the outline of her lips. He drew a sharp breath, his words tumbling out in short gasps as she actually kissed those fingertips. "Are you sure about this?"

"If you are." A flicker of something - fear and worry - moved across her face and Adam felt a tremor of fear radiate from her. She was afraid of rejection, afraid that he would turn her away. In the depths of her innocence, she hadn't yet realized that Adam was a drowning man who would accept no rescue. His path was set and firm; all that he required was her permission.

"I'm sure," Adam reassured her, as his hand caressed her cheek. Then to prove his words, he drew her forward for another kiss.

Oh, oh be still my little heart
Oh, oh love is a flame neither timid nor tame
Take these stars from my crown
Let the years fall down
Lay me out in firelight
Let my skin feel the night
Fasten me to your side
Say it will be soon
You make me so crazy, baby
Could swallow the moon
--- Jupiter by Jewel

True nervousness didn't really hit Ami until Adam nudged her gently to her feet and taking her hand, led her to the bedroom. Coming to Adam's tonight, she hadn't really known what to expect. Yes, she had dressed up in the hopes that *something* was happening between them, but she had never really anticipated the depths and breadth of that something. But even knowing, she hadn't stood down. And despite the anxiety that rippled through her body, tensing every muscle, she didn't plan on it. She might have if she had allowed herself to think about it for long; but she didn't think about it. She simply went with it, allowing herself to be distracted by the tender caress Adam applied to her upper arms as he stood behind her.

"You're tense," Adam's breath tickled her ear and she drew a sharp breath as a charge raced through her entire body. Lifting her hair over one shoulder, Adam's hands began to knead and massage away the tension that had crept into her body during the short walk to the bedroom. "Relax."

"I'm sorry," Ami whispered softly, lowering her head to allow him better access to her neck and shoulders.

The soft, damp touch of his lips against the base of her neck made her shudder and inhale sharply again. He continued to kiss and massage as he spoke to her quietly. "You don't have anything to be sorry about. Just relax." Another kiss, this one crawling lower to linger on her shoulder sent a slow tingle of fire down through her. "Nothing is going to happen here that you don't want. You set the pace and I'll follow it. All right?"

Ami nodded, not trusting herself to speak as the kisses spilled down between her shoulder blades. Then realizing that Adam probably couldn't see, although he could feel, her vigorous head bobbing, she croaked, "Yes."

Warm, gentle hands guided her arms upwards as the rain of kisses continued. Adam's hands swept across her breasts and down the planes of her abdomen. She sighed loudly, leaning into his touch, enjoying the sensations that he created within her as her arms reached back to touch him as best she could.

She bit her lip, swallowing as Adam's hands reached the hem of her dress, pulling the material upwards. Skin against skin, warm hands glided upwards, his thumbs stroking the skin of her abdomen, his touch light and tender. Higher and higher, now his hands climbed her rib cage, pulling her backward against him. Her eyes closed as she sought to capture every single sensation, tried to burn into her memory every moment, every action. The moistness of his lips as he kissed between her shoulder blades, one hand winding around her to tease one aroused nipple while the other continued to lift the dress away from her body.

Ami had only a moment to register her partial nudity and feel a stab of embarrassment when Adam pulled the dress over her head and tossed it idly to one side. She was still trying to remain upright despite her buckling knees when he turned her slowly and deliberately to face him.

The way his eyes roamed the length of her body made Ami flush with heat. There was a flickering darkness in Adam's eyes, a look that could only be described a predatory. And there was no doubt in her mind that she was the prey. Their shields had fallen away and she could feel his desire and lust, could feel his every primitive impulse as those dark eyes took in her lack of a bra, the planes of her abdomen and the wine red panties as she stood bared before him. She felt a building pressure and wetness between her legs as a single arm locked around her waist and pulled her to him.

"God, you are beautiful, Ami," Adam whispered hoarsely as he drew her in close.

Then before she could utter a single word, he was kissing her again, claiming her mouth with an intensity that left her breathless.

His mouth held hers prisoner, his tongue again and again devouring the depths of her. If she had ever wondered what it meant to be caught in the moment, she wondered no longer. Had she wanted to stop, she did not think she would have been able to ask it of him. Ami had told him as much earlier, and as he held her close, hands winding in her hair and fingers pressing into her back, she knew that he had taken her words as gospel. Somehow, they found their way to the bed and he pressed her back against the soft sheets. Flames flickered, consuming them - and she welcomed the fire as he claimed her with only mere touches. Touches of the hands that cupped her breasts and glided across her nipples teasing them until they ached. Lost in the haze of passion's fury, Ami strained and arched against him, her hands digging into his back, seeking to draw him into her, to be melded as one

Adam's lips blazed a trail down the valley between her breasts, taking time to kiss and fondle each already swollen and hardened nipple, stirring in her a deep heat that made her whimper and arch against him. Slowly, feverishly, Adam slid down the length of her, kisses weaving down her abdomen until she was senseless with desire. Ami trembled, burning with a need like nothing she could describe or put words to. She knew only that she wanted him to touch her, she needed him to touch her, she wanted -

A single, light touch caused her to cry out in both surprise and pleasure. One hand brushed against the heat between her legs, touching her through the damp material of her panties. It was only a brush, but it caused her to cling to him instinctively, her hands burying themselves in his hair. The touch came a second time, this time followed by a single digit slipping beneath the elastic of her panties to touch her in the most hidden and intimate of places.

It was nearly more than Ami could handle. The sheer pleasure of that touch caused her to release a soft keening moan as her hips rose to meet the invading finger. Then it was gone, as suddenly as it had entered and Ami actually lifted her head to look at him in confusion and desperation.

Meeting her eyes, Adam gave her a smile that could have melted an iceberg. It nearly did melt her. He hooked his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties and realizing his intentions, Ami lifted her hips to help him guide them from her body. Those too, were tossed to the side with the same idle carelessness as the dress. Something told Ami that she should care about that, that she should wonder where her clothes had gotten to - and then she couldn't think anymore as Adam's finger filled her again and his mouth returned to capture her own.

He lingeringly caressed the heart of her until a low moan escaped the back of her throat, and she writhed against his hand. So easily he stoked the fires burning inside of her until she thought she might spontaneously combust. Adam's fingers explored the full depths of her, again and again, as his tongue mimicked the same movements in her mouth, swallowing her moans and whimpers. Intuitively, her body craved him and responded, her hands tightening about his head as she lost herself in a river of sensation that burned her to the core of her being. Then came the touch against the very core of her, the nub of nerves and fire that had never been touched before. Several delicate strokes with Adam's thumb and she felt herself explode from the inside outward.

It seemed as though in that instance that the entire world stopped. Her heart, her breathing, everything ceased to be in that moment. In that moment it was only her, riding the waves of a fantastic pleasure that she thought only existed in movies and romance novels. In that endless time out of time, where tremor after tremor racked her body, only she and Adam existed, her pleasure a bridge that bond and carried them forever.

How long it lasted, her body trembling with the sweetness of the release, Ami didn't know. She was only aware of slowly coming back to herself, to find Adam kissing away the tears on her cheeks, murmuring softly as his hands continued to caress her, continued to keep her adrift on a sea of passion.

"First time?" Adam's voice was both husky and playful. Propped up on one elbow, he used his free hand to play with her braids. It was the first time the silence between them had been punctuated by anything other than gasps and moans since he had pulled her into his arms.

It took her a moment to understand his question, and when she did, Ami blushed furiously. It took all of her willpower to maintain eye contact. "Well - yes."

"And did you like it?" He brushed his lips across hers, not ceasing his playing with her hair.

A smile turning up the corners of her mouth, Ami nodded. "Yes."

"I'm glad," Adam whispered, his fingertips trailing to her shoulder and then tracing her collarbone. His eyes followed his hand, reminding her that she was as bare as a newborn and she felt a wave of furious heat crawl from her feet to her the roots of her hair. Suddenly self-conscious Ami brought her arms up to cover herself, only to have them gently pulled away by Adam. "Don 't. I like to look at you."

"But -" Ami floundered. She couldn't find the words to explain how suddenly awkward the entire situation felt to her. Mostly because it was so ironic that there seemed to be no words to describe it. Here she was, lying naked in Adam's bed, still flushed and breathless from the very first orgasm of her life and she was embarrassed to be naked. She wasn't embarrassed by what she and Adam had done - or rather what Adam had done to her - she was embarrassed by her nudity.

"Would you feel better if I joined you?" The question was half-muffled as Adam sat up and yanked his shirt over his head. He tossed it haphazardly over his shoulder, not even bothering to look to see where it landed. Ami spared it only a moment's glance, her eyes focusing on his bare chest.

It wasn't that she had never seen Adam shirtless before, but this time it was different. This time he wasn't lounging around the Ship or on the beach; this time he was undressing for her - he was undressing *because* of her - and that made all the difference in the world. One hand reached out tentatively to touch his skin, noticing the softness and warmth of it beneath her fingertips. An explorer in uncharted territory, she hesitantly traced the nipples, her attention divided between her roaming fingertips and watching Adam's face.

He smiled at her encouragingly when he caught her eyes and caught her hand tightly between his, pressing the palm flat against his chest. "You can do more than touch me, Ami."

Rising up to a sitting position, her nudity was nearly forgotten as she considered his invitation. Having never done this before, Ami was unsure of where to start. So she started where she felt most comfortable - she kissed him fully on the mouth. He returned her kiss with an eagerness that told her at least she was doing that much right and his hands rose up to find a now familiar placement on her breasts. She actually surprised both of them when she wiggled out of his grasp and pushed his hands gently away.

"My turn," she nudged him back to recline on the bed, feeling yet another wave of embarrassment. What on earth was she doing? What if she did something wrong? What if she made a mistake or -

[You're doing fine,] Adam reassured her. The mental brushing of his mind against hers was incredibly intimate under the current circumstances - and incredibly arousing. [Just do whatever feels right. Whatever comes naturally.]

What felt right was kissing him. First his mouth, and then the roughened cheeks covered with a day's stubble. She found that she liked the feeling of that stubble and she spent a few moments simply touching his face before kissing her way downward, tasting the skin of his neck. Ami liked the taste of him - salty and strong - and she liked the smell of him - his cologne mingling with the remainder of the ocean air left on his skin. She kissed him quite thoroughly on the neck, wiggling away each time his hands tried to fondle her swollen and tender breasts. After a while, Adam gave up with a laugh and settled for tracing circles on her back or repeatedly winding his hands through her hair, all the while encouraging her oral attentions with sighs and low moans of pleasure.

From his neck, she moved downward. She explored his chest with her lips and tongue and hands, smiling every so often when he moaned or twisted beneath her or tightened his hands in her hair. It told her that she was doing everything right. It made her feel powerful - and sexy. Ami's kisses left no part of his torso untouched, she even kissed along the path of dark hair that led from his navel and disappeared into his jeans. Then she stopped, a bit deterred by the very obvious bulge in those jeans. Not quite ready to cross that bridge yet, Ami moved back up the length of his body, still smothering him with kisses.

When her mouth met his again, Adam took control of the kiss, his tongue plundering the depths of her mouth and leaving her trembling with arousal and desire all over again. He flipped them both over easily, drawing back long enough to gaze down at her with enough unbridled passion in his eyes to have scared her out of her wits had she not trusted him with her life. But even with that trust, the smoldering flames in his eyes made her a bit nervous and wary.

"Are you ready?" Adam asked thickly.

"For?" Ami's voice squeaked as she struggled to regain the breath he had stolen.

"For it to get better." The last of his words were almost lost to her ears as he kissed his way hungrily and feverishly down the length of her body. He licked the valley between her breasts and lower, across her abdomen. And lower still, as he slipped off the bed and gripping her hips with his hands, pulled her gently but firmly towards him. As his hands parted her thighs and he sprinkled there, Ami had only a heartbeat to register what his intentions were. And then, before she could resist or stop him, all was lost.

"Adam!" She gasped his name, a cry of pure ecstasy as his tongue delicately licked at the soft folds between her legs, daring to kiss her in the most intimate of kisses. If she had believed that she felt unmatchable raw pleasure before, she realized that she had a great deal more to learn. She reflexively bucked against him, lifting her hips to meet his probing tongue.

The tongue brushed again, and then with a deftness and determination, plunged into her. Again and again, deeper and deeper he plunged his most intimate kiss, driving into her with practiced, well planned strokes meant to push her back towards that spiraling cliff where pleasure would become almost unbearable. Ami's body moved with a will of its own, her hips rising higher, and one leg draping itself over his shoulder. Encouraged and spurred on by her response, Adam gripped her hips guiding her in rhythm with the motions of his mouth. Over and over, the strokes coming faster and faster, until she felt herself trembling from the inside, felt the violent crest and fall within and she cried out her release, calling his name repeatedly as she plunged over the edge and beyond.

My hands are two travelers they've crossed oceans and lands
Yet they are too small on the continent of your skin
Wandering, wandering
I could spend my life
Traveling the length of your body each night
-- Jupiter by Jewel

Adam waited until the last tremors ebbed away from Ami's body before ceasing his ministrations between her legs. He placed a few final kisses on her thighs and her stomach before rising to his feet to stare down at her and nearly came on the spot. She really was more beautiful than he had ever imagined or dreamed. She was radiant as she lay back on the bed, her chest heaving as she tried to reign in her breathing. A thin sheen of perspiration covered her body and she seemed to glow with the flush of her arousal. Adam felt his heart pounding and he swallowed slowly, working moisture into his mouth. This was better than any dream - he knew it the moment his dream opened her passion-glazed eyes and extended a hand lazily towards him in silent entreaty.

He shed his jeans and briefs more quickly than he had ever imagined that he could, kicking them aside as he joined her on the bed. To his surprise, she met him halfway, her hands and mouth continuing the explorations of his body that they had started earlier. Sliding her hands down the length of his torso, she paused when she reached the dark hair below, her hand hovering tempting and teasingly near - but not touching - his very prominent erection.

"Can I touch it?" The sheer innocence of her question made him draw a shuddering breath. The simple image of her holding him in her hand filled his mind and Adam was surprised that he didn't explode where he knelt.

"Please," Adam whispered hoarsely.

"I've never," Ami's dark eyes darted from his cock to his face and back again and she licked her lips nervously. "Show me how?"

With a nod, Adam reclined backwards on the bed, and then wrapping his hand around her own, Adam demonstrated the answer to her question. He released a shuddering sigh as she touched him for the first time, her warm hand tightening around him. He slid their hands slowly down to the base, before returning in a long, slow, stroke to the tip. He continued the motion several times before he released her hand and allowed her to continue at her own pace. Although her grip was more gentle than what he was accustomed to, each stroke filled him with a rush of need and arousal made all the more potent by the knowledge that this was a first for her.

His eyes closed, one hand idly touching her skin as she stroked him. Adam's hips moved in rhythm with her stroking and he moaned softly in encouragement. His eyes popped open and he arched upwards in surprise as he felt her tongue slid slowly and wetly across the tip of his cock.

[Is that all right?] Ami asked him, her awareness touching and merging with his own.

[Perfect.] For not the first time in his life, Adam was grateful for telepathy. He didn't think he could have answered her otherwise. As it stood, he almost couldn't answer her coherently telepathically either.

Encouraged by his response, or perhaps by the animal-like groans that came from the back of his throat, she continued what she had started. Her tongue made another pass from base to the tip before swirling delicately around the head. She placed a quick kiss on the very tip and Adam felt her tongue slide down the length of him again before she finally took him into her hot, wet mouth. The pleasure was maddening and Adam gripped the sheets between his hands as he groaned and lifted his hips towards her mouth. He hadn't taught her that, he didn't know where she learned it, but he didn't care.

With a skill that neither of them had known she possessed, Ami began sucking him expertly. Her tongue encircled him while her lips moved up and down and the entire time her hand never stopped the agonizingly slow stroking of his shaft. His movements encouraged her, and he could feel the unbearable pressure that cried for release building up inside of him. When Ami's hand moved down to lightly cup his scrotum, it was more than he thought he could possibly handle.

As much as he wanted her to enjoy his body as he had enjoyed hers, he knew that he wouldn't last that long tonight if she kept at him. He nudged her away from him, firmly but tenderly dragging her up the length of his body before rolling them both over. His mouth devoured hers and he kissed her passionately, erasing any fears she may have had that she was doing something wrong.

"You're a bit too good at that, Aim," Adam explained when they broke apart, "And I had something else in mind for tonight."

For the first time that night Adam felt a rush of pure, unadulterated fear from her. Her body stiffened beneath him and her eyes widened slightly as she grasped the meaning of his words. His body was cradled in the vee of her open thighs and as he shifted, he brought the head of his erection to rest against her sex.

[We can stop,] Adam 'pathed to her, hoping and praying that she wouldn't ask that of him. Not after coming this far. He might just die from the disappointment. [If you don't want to do this, we don't have to.]

[Liar,] Ami 'pathed back. She echoed his thoughts and emotions back to him, reminding him of how closely linked their minds were becoming through the act of intimacy.

Adam chuckled both nervously and with a twinge of embarrassment. "Ami - we don't -"

Reaching up to touch his face with her fingertips, she gave him an encouraging smile. [Gentle, okay?]

He felt the stirrings of déjà vu, in her words, in her actions as she shifted beneath him bringing him more firmly in contact with her soft folds. Leaning down, Adam captured her mouth in a soothing and distracting kiss and bracing himself, thrust into deeply into her.

Ami gave a soft cry, one that filled Adam with a perverse sense of accomplishment knowing that it was a cry that she would never make again. He was the only one that would ever hear that sound, and this moment was theirs and theirs alone. Her body stiffened reflexively, her arms clenching around him at the alien invasion. Adam forced himself to remain still, giving a moan of his own at the feeling of her surrounding him. Her virginal muscles spasmed and contracted around his member as she adjusted to him, and he counted slowly to twenty as he resisted the urge to thrust and pump into her.

"Are you all right?" Adam asked her, shifting just enough to gaze down at her.

The gaze that she gave him was clear and lit with a curious light. She wiggled slightly, causing them both to inhale sharply and she nodded. "Yes. I'm fine."

Adam needed no further encouragement. He began to move slowly, sliding out of her until only the tip remained inside then slowly thrusting back in again until he filled her completely. Each stroke made her whimper and moan slightly, her arms tightening around him. He continued his slow languid movements, holding her intense chocolate-eyed gaze with his own. Her body moved in rhythm with his, falling into the motions that didn't need to be taught. They rocked together, two minds slowly merging to become one as their bodies melded until it was impossible for him to know which was her pleasure and which was his.

But it went deeper than that, deeper than either of them could have ever imagined. Joined together so intimately, it was impossible to hold their shields in place, and truth be told neither of them wanted to. Adam wanted to feel her pleasure, wanted to know everything that she felt. But in doing so, he knew her as well; her thoughts were his, her memories cascaded and clashed with his own and the combination of the two both heightened and drowned out his sense of reason and rational.

Adam sped up the tempo of his thrusts, lowering his mouth to capture hers savagely and hungrily. Hard and fast he thrust into her, his tongue moving in sync with his hips, encouraged by Ami's rising passion, by the hands that clenched his back and buttocks, encouraging his fiery plundering of her body. The physical pleasure could no longer be separated from the mental, and he felt them both rising to the edge toward the crest of ultimate pleasure.

She reached that pinnacle first. Gasping out his name as her nails dug into the tender flesh of his back, Ami shuddered around him, her contractions clamping down on his shaft until he moaned loudly in pleasure. She clung to him while her body shivered in the aftershocks, his steady thrusts prolonging her enjoyment.

His own release followed on the heels of hers and he rocked her slight form beneath his, filling her with his seed. He called out her name, driving into her with one final plunge as he rode the waves of pleasure, before collapsing on top of her.

When he returned to himself, it was to the feeling of Ami's fingers stroking his hair. A sensation of satisfaction drifted from her, a sated happiness and warmth that was intoxicating. Her body still trembled from the force of her last orgasm and he shuddered as well. Still he managed to prop himself up on his forearms, noticing for the first time the sticky wetness of perspiration that covered their bodies.

Breathing heavily, still buried deeply inside of her, Adam gazed down at her. "You all right?"

Ami nodded, opening her closed eyes. Her fingers trailed lazily down his chest. "Is it always like that?"

"I don't know," Adam answered honestly. He had been with women before, but none of them had been telepaths. While he had briefly touched their minds and allowed them to touch his, it had been nothing like the all encompassing mind-merge that he had experienced - and was still experiencing - with Ami.

"Do you mind?"

With a laugh, Adam lowered his lips and kissed her forehead. After everything that had happened tonight, she was concerned about his need for privacy - she was worried about the thoughts and memories they had shared with one another during the height of their lovemaking. "Don't worry about it, Ami. It was worth it."

Shifting on the bed, he reluctantly pulled out of her and drew her body up alongside his. He needed to hold her close, to continue the tactile contact with her body. She was his addiction, and damned if he didn't realize it had only gotten worse tonight and not better.

Ami rested her head on his chest, sighing contentedly. "Can I stay here tonight, Adam?"

He met her earnest gaze and nodded. "Sure - but what about your mum? She'll be worried, won't she?"

Her nonchalant shrug told him she wasn't all that worried about her mother's worry. Her mother always worried - the thought was hers, not his he realized belatedly. "I'll tell her that I stayed at the Ship."

Adam dusted a light kiss across her temple. "You're welcome to stay as long as you like."

Ami snuggled closer and Adam marveled at how well she fit in his arms, her body conforming to his. He nuzzled her braids, memorizing the scent of her and branding their night together in his memory.

"Adam?" Ami asked, her voice heavy with encroaching sleep.


"Can we do this again sometime?"

"Try and stop me."



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