Kindred Spirits - Darkness and Lust

By Jackie Clark


Part 1 of 1




Rated 18: This fan fiction is of an adult and sexual nature. You have been warned!


This is the eighth story in the Kindred Spirits sequence and can be read in isolation, although the background for each character will be more easily understood if previous stories have been read.


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The original concept of The Tomorrow People is the property of Roger Price, Thames TV etc. All other characters, situations and technologies are copyright to Jackie Clark February 2004.



1.30 a.m. Luna Time.


Kershia awoke with a start. The dream was fading fast, its misty illusion of reality evaporating from her mind just as quickly as it had formed. Sensing the tide of arousal flowing from her body, she sighed. Why now, she thought angrily. Why, after all these years do I still yearn for him?


Throwing back the covers, she sat up and looked out through the thick glass panel at the moonscape beyond. With the intense brightness of the stars and the blue luminescence of the Earth around the distant horizon, she should have found the view from Luna Lab stimulating. Instead it just looked barren and depressing. Contemplating the grey landscape and desolate waste outside her window, Kershia sighed.


(TIM,) she ‘pathed. (Are you alone?)


(Yes, Kershia,) came the ever-calm reply. (What can I do for you at this hour?)


(Oh, nothing really.) She sighed, both physically and telepathically.


(Are you certain? I can sense melancholy in your thoughts.)


A moment later she appeared before TIM in the darkened command centre, the silver coverlet from her bed draped across her shoulders. (Sorry, TIM. I just had a bad dream…) Her voice trailed off as she recalled the intense nature of her nocturnal visions. Not knowing why, she suddenly felt the compulsion to confide in the biotronic intelligence who had grown to be a friend to all Tomorrow People. (No, it wasn’t really bad. It was actually very nice. But it was also very wrong and that’s what’s disturbed me.)


TIM was quiet for a few moments while he considered what to say. He could sense that something very delicate was bothering this young woman and wanted more than anything to help her through this personal crisis. (You know that anything you tell me will remain confidential,) he began soothingly. (Why not sit down on the couch and tell me all about the dream. I assure you that there is nothing you could say that would shock me.)


A gentle spotlight appeared, illuminating the seating area in the centre of the room, and Kershia found herself wandering towards it. (Well,) she said noncommittally. (I guess that if I can’t trust you, TIM, then I can’t trust anyone.)


(I am most flattered,) responded TIM from above her. (Now make yourself comfortable and tell me all about it.)


Kershia cleared her throat and sucked in her breath. Never before in her life had she confided her innermost desires to anyone. The one person in the world she felt closest to was the one person she could never be with again, and that thought alone created a longing deep in her stomach. (To be honest, TIM, I was having a rather intense dream.)


(I am aware of that. What exactly was the nature of the dream?) Sensing her reluctance to broach the subject, TIM decided to be more direct. (Was it of a sexual nature?) She nodded slowly. (Was it about another TP?)


Kershia sat upright and shook her head emphatically. (No, TIM. It was about David. I dreamt him and me… we were… well, you know.) She sighed (But why now, after all this time? He tried to kill me, TIM. He tortured Stephen and helped develop the Malthus children. He’s the enemy and I know that for a certainty, but my body still wants him.)


TIM could sense the anguish in Kershia’s thoughts. She had spent three years of her life living with this man and it was obvious that they’d had a great fondness for one another. David’s decision to shoot at her, the day of the Malthus raid, had haunted her mind for too long. She hated him for that one act of betrayal, and at the same time loved him dearly. TIM’s study of human nature had led him to the conclusion that there was a dichotomy inside almost every individual, and for Kershia it was more prominent than in most people. She had lived and worked amongst the Saps and knew, as most TPs did, that they were not all as ruthless as their leaders. How close, he wondered, did Kershia come to making a different choice that day? But that didn’t matter; she understood that as a TP she could never condone David’s actions and therefore never forgive him for his treatment of Stephen and indeed herself. But that didn’t stop her from recalling how close she had come to being happy with this man. Memories of the fun times, and indeed the intimate times, were still prominent in her mind. It seemed only natural for them to surface now and again. (There is no need to feel guilty over such things,) TIM replied at last. (Just because you dream of him does not mean you are about to betray us.)


Kershia’s jaw dropped open, amazed at how easily TIM had summed up her very feelings. (How did you…?)


If TIM could have smiled he would have done so at that moment, for he knew the frailties of human beings more than any other living creature. It was in their very nature to desire something dangerous. Homo superior was not so far removed from humanity that they couldn’t feel excitement at the contemplation of illicit and provocative actions. (I understand you better than you know, Kershia. You cannot be held accountable for the notions within your subconscious. And I am confident that you, above anybody else, would never act upon them.) TIM realised that there was also something more fundamental to the occurrence of this dream. Even TP could not ignore their biology forever! He wondered whether she was ready to hear it, but knew it needed to be said nonetheless. (David was your lover for three years. Your rational mind may wish to forget him, but your biology is still pursuing its ultimate goal - to procreate.)


She laughed softly. (TIM, you old so and so. Are you trying to tell me that I’m craving sex?)


(Yes, I am,) he responded flatly. (You are a woman, Kershia - a woman with physical needs. David was an attractive man. It was natural for you to become intimate with him. And now that your body no longer has that release you crave him even more.)


(He was the first, you know, TIM. The only lover I have ever had.) She sighed. (The only lover I will ever have.)


A multicoloured rainbow flashed across TIM’s hemispheres. (Not necessarily,) he ‘pathed cryptically. (There are other possibilities.) There was a long pause that Kershia found a little unnerving, but knowing that TIM had always had the TPs best interests at heart, she suppressed the desire to ask questions and waited for his next response. (Do you trust me, Kershia?) he asked at last.


(Implicitly, TIM.)


(Then step onto the jaunting pad now. Ask no questions. Just trust me and do it.)


Without hesitation, Kershia obeyed. There was something wickedly adventurous in blindly following TIM’s instructions. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew what he intended, and in the light of day she would probably have rejected it as reprehensible behaviour. Kershia found herself wondering whether the decision to come to the command centre in the middle of the night had actually been from a desire that this very thing would happen. She didn’t know the answer to her own question, and in that precise moment didn’t really care. Leaving the silver blanket behind, she stepped naked onto the illuminated platform. Excitement and anticipation rising deep within her, she could feel the intense beating of her heart as she jaunted.





The room was in utter darkness. A darkness so pervasive that, despite straining her eyes to their very limits, Kershia could see absolutely nothing. The unnatural feel of the artificial gravity and whirring of the air compressors told her that she was still on Luna, this realisation dampening her excitement somewhat.


Taking a tentative step forward, she was aware of an obstacle in her path. Leaning over, she felt the cool sheets of a bed, then froze as her fingers touched the soft warmth of someone’s flesh.


The man stirred. “Who’s there?” he whispered, but there was no reply.


Kershia stood transfixed at the side of the bed. Recognising the voice, her heart skipped a beat and she almost lost her nerve and jaunted away. But somewhere in the back of her mind the intense carnal feelings were stirring again. Her body needed a release - it had been too long. The rashness of her own decision surprised her as she lent forward and touched the man’s body once more. This time she allowed her fingers to linger across his skin and as she did so the intensity of her arousal increased tenfold.


Somehow the man knew instinctively what was happening. Reaching down, he took her hand and brought it up to his chest. (Am I dreaming?) he pathed.


(Perhaps,) came the reply.


In that moment Kershia let go. Falling gently onto the bed beside him, she was aware of the touch of his naked warmth against her skin. There it was again - that yearning in the darkest recesses of her being. This time it was accompanied by a tingling sensation that ran from her groin to her head, then crashed like a wave breaking upon her soul. Somewhere deep inside her the feeling grew until she could bear it no longer. His touch was almost painful as he ran his fingers over her breasts, across her shoulders and down the curve of her spine.


Allowing him to take the lead she was pulled on top of him, their intimacy growing as he squirmed beneath her. In the next instant he had penetrated the most private recesses of her body and they began to move in a synchronous motion upon the cool fabric of the sheets.


Again and again the waves of sensation resonated through their bodies and their minds. This was unlike anything she had ever experienced with David, unlike anything she had ever conceived of when alone. This was desire personified - the sharing of bodily secretions was not sullied or pornographic; rather, it was beautiful and enlightening as they mingled minds in a furnace of pure ecstasy. When the release came it was almost unbearable. Her mind was exploding like a supernova, all sensation intensified beyond the normal limits of human experience. And she knew that she was not alone. The man beneath her was screaming as he convulsed in the purest form of excitement he had experienced in his life.


And then, suddenly, it was over. The waves of pleasure ebbed and flowed from her mind, the tide of her passion drifting away into the darkness. Rolling off him, they lay silently panting for breath, neither of them wishing to break the last moment of mental contact, shared like no other telepathic bond had ever been shared.


A bead of sweat trickled down her skin as the flush of perspiration broke to the surface, the physiological mechanism passing unnoticed as the last vestiges of oneness slipped away.


Standing up, Kershia almost lost her balance in the all-enveloping blackness. Then, with an enormous effort of will, she managed to rally her rational mind enough to contemplate teleporting back to the familiar surroundings of her own room. In the next instant she was gone.



Luna Lab: 9 a.m.


Jimmy walked sleepily into the Luna Command Centre. Yawning, he picked up the steaming cup of coffee supplied by TIM, and sat at the link table beside Cole.


“Good morning,” said Cole, only half awake himself. “You’re a bit late getting up today. When I left our quarters you were snoring your head off!” He chuckled.


Jimmy looked into his friend’s eyes. “What?” he said, straining to drag his rational mind back to reality.


“It’s after nine,” retorted Cole groggily. “I thought I was the only one lazy enough to oversleep these days. You and Ben were still out for the count when I left.”


Pulling himself up in the seat, Jimmy rolled up the sleeves of his sweater, then rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry, Cole,” he said, a little more alert now. “I didn’t sleep too well last night, that’s all.”


“You as well?” came a voice from the doorway.


“Morning, Ben.” Jimmy smiled at the youngest member of his security team as he crossed to join them at the table. “Did you have trouble sleeping too?”


Ben nodded. “Yeah,” he mumbled with a faraway look in his eyes. “I had the strangest dream last night.”


Cole smiled. “Anything you want to share with us?” He gave a nervous laugh.


Ben looked anxiously at his friends. “I was just about to ask you two the same question. I could have sworn…” His comments were interrupted by Abby and Kershia jaunting into the room. They waved a hello, picked up their respective mugs of tea from TIM’s table, and walked over to join the three young men.


Jimmy, Ben and Cole flushed a bright shade of scarlet and stared intently at Kershia. Yawning sleepily, she looked at them in turn “What’s eating you three this morning?” she asked nonchalantly.


“We didn’t sleep too well last night,” replied Ben sheepishly, his blush deepening.


“What, all three of you?” Kershia’s tone was as shocked as her expression. “That’s unusual, unless…” Her eyes widened. “… Unless you all share the same room!”


Concerned that the conversation could easily spiral out of control, TIM interrupted before any of the men could answer. “The increased pressure on space caused by the recent influx of refugees has meant that a number of our personnel share their quarters. Ben and Cole moved into Jimmy’s room some days ago. I am sorry that I neglected to inform you of this earlier.”


For a few seconds, Kershia didn’t know where to look. Shielding heavily, her eyes darted across the room, up towards TIM’s glowing hemispheres, then down to the drink in her hand. Eventually she managed to rally her wayward thoughts and look towards Abby, who was staring at her rather intently, uncertain why this news should have had such an effect on her friend.


“I don’t know what’s bothering you all,” remarked Abigail thoughtfully, “but I’m too busy to sit around here all day. Let’s get on with looking over TIM’s report.”


“Good idea!”  snapped Ben, Cole, Jimmy and Kershia in unison, their obvious relief over some unspoken concern dissipating into the brightness of the morning.


The End


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