By: Anne Olsen and Michele Bumbarger

Chapter Twelve

“So what now?” asked Megabyte as the three boys stared at the spot where Ami had been standing moments before.

Adam frowned. “If Giselle is involved in what’s going on with Ami, I think maybe we should check her out.”

Kevin shook his head. “I’m not sure that’s such a good idea,” he observed.

“Why not?” asked Megabyte. “Sounds like a good plan to me.”

Kevin hesitated before replying, trying to work out how to put what he had picked up on into words. He shivered as he remembered the feelings and vibes, for want of a better word, that he had sensed while in the mind-merge. The whole thing had given him the creeps, completely wigged him out as Megabyte would say.

“I think this Giselle is dangerous,” he explained. “I think Kevin means a bit more than just dangerous, Megabyte. Is that right, Kevin?”

Kevin nodded with relief. He’d hoped Adam might understand what he’d been trying to say. Even though Megabyte was a Tomorrow Person, he tended to brush off a lot of Kevin’s ‘feelings’ as figments of his imagination. Megabyte had his own strengths where his powers were concerned but sensitivity to others’ thoughts and feelings weren’t exactly high on the list of those strengths. Kevin on the other hand, often seemed to pick up on things that other Tomorrow People seemed to be unaware of.

Adam continued speaking. “Even though Giselle is dangerous I still think we need to find out what exactly she is up to. If she is influencing Ami in some way, we need to put a stop to it, and as soon as possible.”

Kevin felt a cold sensation crawl up his back. “No Adam, you can’t. Don’t ask me to explain, because I’m not sure why. I just know you’re getting into something you shouldn’t be here.”

“What makes you say that?” Adam sounded concerned, though the concern seemed more directed at Kevin rather than himself and Megabyte.

“I’m sure why or how to describe it,” Kevin said again. “I just know that I felt something evil, really evil while we were in the merge. I’m not sure we’re really equipped to deal with this sort of thing.”

“Aw come on Kev,” exclaimed Megabyte. “If we run into something we can’t handle, we’ll just teleport out. It’s worked in the past, can’t see why it shouldn’t now.”

“Yeah, but you’re not dealing with stuff anything like what we’ve come across in the past. Then there’s this whole thing with Angel too.”

“You mean the bond?” asked Adam. “I know Ami has some connection to Angel through it but surely that shouldn’t affect us going to investigate Giselle?”

“I think there’s more to this whole soul bond thing than we think,” said Kevin. “I got a feeling of…something during the merge.” He frowned. “I’m not sure how to put this but it was almost like I could sense Angel’s presence in Ami when we merged.”

“You mean he’s taken her over? Like in mind control or something weird like that?”

“No Megabyte, I don’t mean that. You’ve really got to stop watching those movies.” Kevin threw his hands up in frustration. “I’m not sure what I mean. I don’t mean he was here mentally, just that he and Ami are linked somehow, to an extent that maybe even the both of them aren’t aware of.”

“Okay,” said Adam slowly. “I think I know what you’re trying to say. I still don’t see why that should stop us going after Giselle.”

“You think she’s going to zap us with her vodoo powers or something? Is that it Kev?” asked Megabyte. “No worries. We’ll watch for any sign of glowing eyes, magic or the like.”

“Can’t you be serious, even for a moment?” Kevin knew he sounded angry, but he didn’t care. Giselle was far more dangerous than Adam or Megabyte seemed to realise. She had some sort of influence over Ami at the moment, he was sure, but didn’t know how or why.

“Why don’t you go and talk to Angel first?” Kevin tried another line of reasoning. “Maybe he could help you with Giselle? After all he and Doyle have had a lot more experience with this kind of thing than we have. At least that’s the way it sounds from what you’ve told me.”

Adam shook his head very firmly. “I don’t want Angel in on this. I mean he hasn’t been exactly helpful so far to date, and I’m not really sure how far we can trust him yet.”

“Yeah,” agreed Megabyte. “You didn’t see that weird thing he did to Ami when she flipped out in her dorm room. It sure wigged me out, and I don’t particularly want to go near him for a bit. If he’s behind any of this stuff, what’s to stop him trying the same thing on any of us?”

“I don’t think he’d do that,” pointed out Kevin.

“Well as I said, you weren’t there. I for one, don’t feel like finding out.”

Kevin decided not to waste his breath with the fact that he thought Angel was on their side, that they could trust him. Okay, he could understand that his friends had seen another side of Angel that he hadn’t. Actually come to think of it, they’d actually met the vampire, he hadn’t, but that was beside the point. He’d picked up enough from the mind-merge and Ami to know what he needed to come to that decision.

Adam lay a hand on his shoulder. “Look Kevin, I know you’re concerned, but don’t be. If something happens we’ll just teleport out, as Megabyte said.”

“But what if something happens and you can’t teleport?” Kevin still couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that had been hanging over him since the merge.

“We’ll be fine,” Adam promised. “Kevin, there is something you could do for us though.”

“Yeah, sure.” Kevin resigned himself to the fact that nothing he said was going to stop his friends running off into danger. He knew that once the pair of them set their minds on something like this, he was wasting his time trying to dissuade them. Still at least he’d tried, he supposed. After all what more could he do?

“Could you go keep an eye on Ami? Even though she says she’s only tired, I’m still a bit worried about her.”

“Hey, Kev.” Megabyte grinned as he continued. “Watch out for UFOs though.”

“What?” asked Kevin, feeling confused.

“Unidentifed flung objects,” shot back Megabyte as he and Adam disappeared, enroute to find Giselle.

Kevin sighed to himself, as he watched his friends teleport away. He really hoped that his fears were unfounded, at least for Adam and Megabyte’s sake. No point worrying about it, he thought to himself. At least he’d given it his best shot. Kevin tried to reassure himself with that thought again as he focused on Ami, and within minutes he too disappeared in a flash of white light as he headed for the Tomorrow Person’s dorm room in LA.

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