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Bumbarger, Michele & Anne Olsen: &

Entangled - Disturbing dreams plague Angel and intensify his guilty feelings. But the soul cursed vampire isn't the only one having sleepless nights, and together with the Tomorrow People, Angel and the gang must figure out the dreams and their connection to Ami's increasingly erratic behaviour before it's too late.                

[One]     [Two]     [Three]     [Four]     [Five]     [Six]     [Seven]

[Eight]     [Nine]     [Ten]     [Eleven]     [ Twelve]     [Thirteen]     [Fourteen]     [Fifteen]

Freeman, Megan:

Sometimes We Make Choices - Kenny and John both must face the fact that time does not heal all wounds.

Mento, Charles :

Tomorrow People - [Part One]

A Timeline - [Timeline]

Summons - [One]     [Two]     [Three]     *finished*

Beware of Swans - [One]

The Phantom of California - [One]

The Trial of the Tomorrow People - [One]

Olsen, Anne :

Murphy's Law - The new breakout witnesses a grizzly murder, and insists that his new history teacher is responsible. Are things really that simple?       [One]     [Two]     [Three]

Thiele, Drew :

Ocean's Call -     [Prologue]     [One]     [Two]     [Three]     [Four]    

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