Giving of Ourselves
By: Renay Walker

Disclaimer and Author's Notes:

This is what happens when you spend too much time thinking about things. This is the result of a late night IRC chat and it's not for the underage or the delicate. This story is NC-17, so if you're not 18, or you don't like the thought of the Tomorrow People in very graphic and adult situations, don't read it. This story contains graphic depictions of consensual sexual acts and isn't for the faint at heart. I think I've said that enough.

If you're still here, and your curious, then read on. I am currently working on a few more Tomorrow People stories with more mature themes, and when they are finished Michele Bumbarger has graciously offered them a home at her website. So, in the future, my writing will also be found there, but it's not there yet.

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Part 1

Adam leaned against the bulkhead of the Ship, lost in silent reflection. Another birthday had come and gone, marking the passage of time. His birthday always made him reflective and made him lose himself in memories of what had been. It left him forever asking himself questions that usually had no answers.

Ultimately, it all came down to the fact that he was alone. Even surrounded by his fellow Tomorrow People, he remained apart from them . . . alone. Not that they weren't all friends, or that they didn't include him or care for him. They were and they did. No, this was another type of loneliness. This was loneliness felt so deeply that it left a raw ache inside of him. Yet, he couldn't put the feeling into words, or find a solution for what he felt.

Standing on the outside looking in was how he felt. Megabyte and Ami had one another. They had been apart for a while, but it hadn't lasted. They both needed one another too much to remain apart, and since getting back together, it seemed as if their relationship was growing stronger by the day. The close proximity of their ages linked Kevin and Jade. They were drawn together although their bickering almost rivaled that of Ami and Megabyte. Almost because nothing came quite close to matching the intense passion and sharpness that the romantically attached Tomorrow People could wield at one another. Yet, Kevin and Jade didn't have romantic aspirations, but they shared common interests and the innocence of youth.

For him there was no one. There was no one to balance his yin or be the light to his dark. Adam supposed that came with the territory of leadership. The separateness from those that he cared about.

The tingling on his skin announced the build up of energy that heralded the arrival of one of the others. It was that very basic awareness that stopped him from being surprised by the arrival. The warning caused him to only look up with interest as Megabyte and Ami materialized in what had been only empty air moments before.

"Hey, pal," Megabyte called out his usual greeting.

"Megabyte, Ami," Adam greeted his friends with a half smile, "What can do I for you?"

The two exchanged a glance, a silent communication that did not include Adam. It wasn't that they were trying to exclude him, he knew, but rather that these days it sometimes seemed like Ami and Megabyte didn't realize when they were lost in their private conversations.

"We just wanted to check up on you," Ami said. "We were kind of worried."

"What about?"

"Well, it seemed like you were the only one who didn't have any fun at your birthday party," Megabyte pointed out, straddling one of the protrusions on the Ship that they used as seats, "Wanna talk about it?"

Adam looked from one to the other. Naturally, if there were two people who would have sensed his mood, it would be Megabyte and Ami. He was closest to them of all the Tomorrow People, and Ami always had the fine talent of reading people. He wondered how long they had speculated on his mood before coming to talk him out of it.

Adam shrugged. "It was a birthday. I don't get much out of them, you know that."

"And Mrs. Weston went through so much trouble with that cake."

Standing, Adam gave Megabyte an exasperated glare, "I didn't say that I didn't appreciate it. I did, I do. I appreciate everything that you guys went through but . . . " He trailed off and raked his fingers through his hair. How to explain to them the loneliness, the emptiness that nothing seemed to fill? They were his two best friends, but he had no words to describe it . . . even to them. "Don't worry about me, I'll be all right in a few days."

Again came the barely concealed glance that told him some type of communication was taking place. Ami linked her arm through his and led him across the Ship. Her voice soft, she asked, "Why don't you let us in Adam?"

He startled at her words, not quite, but nearly pulling away from her touch. "What do you mean?" Adam gave a quick glance at Megabyte, "You two are my best friends."

"And you still feel like you're alone," Ami observed.

Adam was growing increasingly uncomfortable with this conversation by the minute. It was not like them to ignore his distress. "Ami, I really," he drew a breath, "I really don't want to talk about this."

"You never want to talk about it," Megabyte said pointedly from his perch.

"Adam, you're not alone," Ami took his hand and pulled him down to sit beside her. He felt warmth, affection and love flowing from her as she held his hand tenderly between her own. "We don't want you to feel like this, like you're a separate entity from the rest of us. You aren't. You're what holds us together. You're a part of us, and you shouldn't ever feel . . . empty."

Either he wasn't as good at hiding things as he thought his was, or Ami's empathic abilities had improved a good deal more over the past year than he had given any credence to. The thought didn't sit well with him; he was the leader, the head . . . they shouldn't be worrying about him. It was his duty to worry about them, not the other way around.

"That's where you're wrong, pal." Megabyte joined them, settling on the other side of Adam, "That's one of the problems with friendship . . . it's a two way street."

"How did you two "

Ami turned his hand palm up and ran her fingers lightly across the palm in what he could only describe as a caress. Her dark eyes were mysterious and yet full of gentle affection as she stared at him, "Does it matter? We're right, aren't we?"

Adam didn't answer. He wasn't used to being in this position and it felt . . . odd. A part of him was angry and annoyed at their personal intrusion, at least it wanted to be. It however was far weaker than the part that was flattered and warmed by their concern for him. Yet, he couldn't deal with this line of questioning. One on one, he thought that he could handle them, but with them both here together, clearly attuned to his every thought, it was a bit unnerving.

"We're not trying to scare you," Megabyte spoke softly, his eyes meeting Ami's for a brief instance, "We just want to let you know that we care, that we're with you and that you're with us."

"I know that you two, I do . . ."

"Adam," Ami touched his cheek, turning his face to hers as she interrupted him, "We want to show you. If you'll let us."

It took all of three heartbeats for Adam to hear the meaning behind her words, "What?"

"You don't have to, but we'd like to," Ami had gone back to caressing his hand, soft gentle circles that set every nerve in his hand on fire.

She really was suggesting what he thought she was suggesting. When had this happened? When had Ami become the tempting seductress . . . when had she grown so bold and outspoken about things that she would have never discussed, much less thoughts that she would have never entertained before?

Then he recalled her words. She said us' and we.'

Adam swung his head to look at Megabyte, shocked by the lack of surprise and embarrassment on the other's face. Megabyte met his gaze unwavering, projecting a confidence and security that he didn't frequently show, "It's your call, Adam. You'll be in control. You don't like it, we stop."

For the first time in a very long time, Adam Newman felt himself at a total and complete loss. A million thoughts and feelings played through his mind, a million desires. He could feel his heart pounding like a drum in his chest, and he knew that his breathing had become quicker, more shallow. He didn't know what surprised him more the fact that his two best friends came here fully with the intention of seducing him, or the fact that he was actually considering it.

Ami lifted his palm, an action that turned his attention back to her. His head turned completely just in time to watch her place a soft kiss on the center of his hand, regarding him through partially lowered lashes. "Please?"

That one touch of her lips sent a ripple through his entire body. It was erotic in its own fashion, but it was even more arousing when he considered the offer and the promise behind that kiss.

Adam forced himself to take a deep breath and release it slowly. "I can't believe you two are suggesting this. And I really can't believe that I'm going to agree to it."

Ami planted a soft kiss on his cheek. "It's what you need. You just couldn't ask for it."

Somehow, he got the feeling that she was absolutely right.

Part 2

They went to Adam's apartment after ruling out the Ship, and both Megabyte's and Ami's homes. Adam's new apartment in London was the one place where they wouldn't be disturbed. It was also the one place where Adam would be completely comfortable. Yet he still reeled with awkwardness and embarrassment as the three stood in his living room. He cast his eyes towards the hall which led to the bedroom, and felt another flutter of fear and disquiet. Ami and Megabyte might be one hundred percent willing, but he didn't know that he was.

Again, Ami seemed to hone in on his thoughts completely. She gave him a sympathetic smile and took his hand, leading him to the couch. "There's no rush, you know. The living room is perfectly fine." She sat and pulled him gently down next to her, reaching out to run her fingers lightly through his hair. As she stared at him, Adam realized that this was not the old Ami. That nave innocent was gone. Funny that he hadn't realized it before now.

Her caress moved to his cheek. Fingertips with a feather light touch traced the outline of his face before running gently around the outline of his lips. Every touch was like a part of him was set afire and all too soon he found himself wanting to kiss her . . . and kiss her badly. Which, he realized belatedly, was precisely the response she was going for.

Dark eyes darted to his lips and she licked her own, an action that made his throat constrict and his body run hot. Still her fingers continued their play over his face, "I'm going to kiss you now, Adam, if that's all right."

He half-nodded before he suddenly remembered Megabyte and wondered where the other Tomorrow Person had gone. Adam's eyes searched the room until he found the other boy lounging in the arm chair, a bemused smile on his face. His smile widened as he met Adam's eyes and he nodded, giving full permission for the elder to kiss the young woman before him.

Adam hadn't known what to expect when her lips touched his. What he hadn't expected was the brilliant fire that burned its way from his mouth to his groin. He hadn't expected that one touch of her lips to tear away all the walls he was working so hard to build around himself as his mouth clove to hers, tongues sliding past the other's lips quite thoroughly exploring the other's mouth. Adam's hand shot to her mass of braids, cradling her head and drinking from her mouth as though she was oxygen itself.

He forgot that she was Megabyte's lover. He forgot that the boy sat watching them only a few feet away. He forgot everything as he simply lost himself in the warmth and tenderness of her body and the sweetness of her kiss. As he folded his arms around her, Adam pulled her closer and she came with no resistance, wrapping her legs around his waist as she straddled his lap. Adam's hand moved of its own volition, gliding over the material of her jeans, sliding up until he brushed the underside of her breast. He felt, rather than heard her sharp intake of breath, and he felt her encouragement as she thrust forward begging for that touch again.

She was right, he realized dimly, he did want this. He just hadn't known how to ask for it.

A cool rush of air and he felt two, three, four hands guiding his shirt over his head. Some part of his mind realized that Megabyte had joined them on the couch, that it was the other who aided Ami in removing his shirt, but he didn't care. He felt Ami's giggle as the upward sweep of the material infringed on their kiss.

"As you were," Megabyte whispered in his ear.

Adam needed no further encouragement. His mouth joined Ami's again, exchanging hungry kisses. His other hand joined the first, tentatively sweeping then gently cupping her small breasts. Ami rubbed against him, giving a soft mewl of encouragement and he felt his erection straining in his pants. Ami's hands smoothed their way across his chest, fingertips tweaking and rubbing his nipples while they broke apart for air and he began to kiss her neck. The hands wrapping around him from behind and the kiss placed on the back of his neck startled him and he flinched momentarily at the reminder of Megabyte's presence. It was becoming far too easy to get so engrossed in Ami that nothing else mattered.

"Stop?" Megabyte asked softly from behind him.

"No," Adam shook his head, still not quite believing the predicament that he was in, not believing that this was actually happening. "You startled me is all."

Ami stared at him, her eyes concerned. "You're all right with this, Adam?"

He sensed that Megabyte was waiting for his answer as well, his chin resting against Adam's shoulder.

"Yeah," Adam nodded, acknowledging the building desire in his body . . . and in his pants.

Ami's hands moved over him slowly and he couldn't suppress a shudder of excitement as they brushed against the tell-tale bulge in his jeans. "Well, you're certainly responsive." Then, she swung herself from his lap and extended a hand to both he and Megabyte, "Come on guys, I think that it's time for a strategic relocation."

Part 3

Strategic relocation translated to 'bedroom.' As Ami led both her boyfriend and her best friend along by the hand, she wondered when she had become the leader of tonight's events. Not that it mattered all that much, she was enjoying being in the lead. She was actually getting a thrill from being in control. She enjoyed Adam's reactions to her and was grateful that the older boy trusted them enough to let this happen.

Megabyte, after getting over his initial surprise that Ami had suggested it and after belatedly admitting that the idea had appeal for him, had been convinced that Adam wouldn't ever allow them this close to him. Ami had reminded him that they wouldn't know until they tried. And despite whatever Adam believed, they hadn't gone to the Ship this night to seduce him. They had gone because they were worried . . . the rest just seemed to fall naturally into place.

"You think he's okay with all this?" Settled on the edge of Adam's bed, Megabyte held Ami in his lap. The subject of their conversation had disappeared into the bathroom during their sojourn into the bedroom, promising to join them.

"I think so," Ami nodded, brushing a stray lock of hair from his forehead, "He's just a little nervous. Are you okay with all this?"

Megabyte smiled, his cheeks actually turning slightly pink. "I'm not feeling any jealousy if that's what you're asking."

As attuned to his thoughts as she was at the moment, Ami didn't have to ask what he was feeling. He had enjoyed watching her kiss Adam, had actually been aroused by the other boy's reactions to her. She poked him playfully in the chest, "Megabyte Damon, I do believe you are a voyeur."

"Nothing wrong with that is there?" He asked softly.

"Not tonight," Ami responded, pulling him in for a deep, longing kiss.


Adam didn't know if he should interrupt them. He stood on the threshold of his bedroom, watching his two best friends lose themselves in a powerful kiss. Megabyte and Ami belonged together, they were lovers and he was simply the third wheel, the odd one out. As if sensing both his presence and his thoughts, their mouths drifted apart, two heads turning to stare in his direction. Ami slid off of Megabyte's lap and eased over to him, taking his hand and pulling him into the bedroom.

"Don't you even entertain those thoughts, Adam Newman," Ami chastised him. She wrapped her arms around him, sliding her hands slowly up his bare torso until they locked around his neck. "Tonight's for you. Whatever you want."

Adam opened his mouth to respond, then closed it, realizing that he had no response. It wasn't that he didn't know what he wanted, he simply didn't know how to articulate it without being drowned in embarrassment. He realized however, that articulation wasn't really necessary at this time. Ami pulled him down to another kiss, hungrily capturing his mouth beneath her own. The intensity of her kiss, coupled with the movement of her hands across his chest and back re-ignited the desire he had felt earlier. Wrapping her in his arms came naturally this time, as did his eager explorations of her body through the material of her blouse. His hands tugged, yanked, lifting the tails of her blouse from her pants until his hands made contact with the soft warm flesh of her body.

Somehow, they managed to stumble backwards to the bed, never breaking the urgency of their kiss. He sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her into his lap again. Hands were everywhere, but it wasn't enough. Adam wanted to touch her skin, wanted to feel her against him. Beneath her blouse, he touched her breasts, only the barrier of her bra between his hands and her flesh. She reacted as hope and squirmed closer to him, her body asking for his touch to continue.

Through the haze that surrounded him, Adam wondered again what had happened to Megabyte . . . the third of their threesome. Even as the thought floated across the fringes of his awareness, he felt the very solid, very real contact of another body behind his, the pleasurable sensation of a mouth trailing kisses along his neck and shoulders. Two sets of hands touched him, two mouths kissed him . . . he allowed himself to drift in that sea of indulgent sensation.

Freeing his hands from beneath Ami's blouse, he began to work the buttons apart with trembling hands. The buttons were small and slick and in his current state, nearly impossible for him to work with. Breaking off from their kiss, Ami brought her hands up to help him, but they only wound up getting in one another's way.

"Stop that," Megabyte laughed, batting both of their hands away. He slipped off the bed, kneeling on the floor behind Ami, his hands reaching up and around her to snag the buttons. "I'll do this. You two - just keep doing what you're doing."

Neither objected, more than willing to resume the pleasurable kissing and stroking that had been occupying them for quite some time. Adam felt the blouse slide away, and took advantage of the freedom from the material to touch every part of her torso. The only resistance he encountered was a thwarted attempt to lift the bra from her breasts; Ami swatted his hands away playfully, muttering, "Not yet." Adam didn't care. He touched her just as easily through the bra, using his thumb and index finger to coax her nipples to hard little nubs.

Too soon, she slipped away from him, and sliding down his body, left a trail of kisses from his neck to his navel. A hand cupped his straining erection and he groaned at the pleasure of it, thrusting his hips forward. He didn't think that he could handle very many more touches like that. He was certain that he couldn't. It had been too long . . . yes, he had the ability to pleasure himself and had done so many times, but it was nothing like this. There was really no way to compare fantasy to the real thing.

"I think he's close," he heard Megabyte observe wryly, "Better not tease him."

"Better not."

Four hands began undressing him, starting with the snap of his jeans. The zipper came next, and soon both the jeans and his boxers had been peeled from his body. Adam peered down, not certain that he would be able to handle what he saw and not certain that he could handle not seeing. Although he saw it coming, he still shuddered when Ami wrapped her hand around his cock, and began to stroke it gently. His breath was coming in short gasps now and he moved his hips towards her in a silent plea. He didn't dare think, didn't allow himself to consider the implications or the after effects. Right now, he didn't care anymore.

Ami lightly licked the tip and planted a soft, feathery kiss there. It was almost more than he could bear. Adam moaned, begging her to go on. With a smile and an unexpected motion, the young woman reached for her watching boyfriend. She pulled him in for a kiss . . . a kiss that centered around the head of Adam's erection, two tongues, four lips, four hands it was too much to bear. He didn't care at that moment that it was his two best friends between his legs or that one of them was male. He didn't care about anything except achieving the release his body ached for.

Adam assumed that it was Ami that took him into her mouth, but when he risked a glance down, he was startled by the sight of fiery red hair between his legs. Had he been capable of rational thought, his mind would have wondered what happened to Ami, but being incapable of anything resembling a coherent thought, he simply accepted it. Just as he simply accepted it when Ami knelt beside him on the bed, drawing him in for another deep kiss. Don't think, don't think, enjoy, her tongue and hands seemed to say to him over and over.

So, he did. As if he had any choice in the matter. His body gave way to the build up of tension and he came with a loud cry which was muffled in the hallow between Ami's breasts. She held him, stroking his hair, sprinkling a rain of kisses over his face as his body shuddered and quaked with the aftershocks of his orgasm. Pulling him down to the bed, he curled up beside her, resting his head on her abdomen.

When he had control enough of himself, he raised up to look at her and to look at her boyfriend who had stretched out on the bed beside her. To his utter amazement, Megabyte didn't look the least bit embarrassed or chagrined. Instead, his face wore the mask of mischief that usually meant that Megabyte was preparing to find trouble the way only Megabyte could.

"I'm afraid to ask," Adam said at long last.

Megabyte shrugged, idly fondling Ami's breast through the lacy black bra, "I read. And I imitated Ami."

Ami reached for Adam, running her fingers through his hair, "You still all right with all this?"

Adam actually laughed, catching her hand in his. He turned it palm upwards and flicked his tongue softly there, tasting the saltiness of her skin. "Yeah, I'm all right with this."

"Good," Ami smiled, "Because we're just getting started."

Part 4

The three friends rested on the bed, a comfortable silence between them. Ami continued to stroke Adam's hair, leaning into the crook of Megabyte's arm. Her boyfriend's initiative on going down on Adam had surprised her . . . she had assumed that he would have expected her to perform that task . . . and she was a bit disappointed that she hadn't really had a chance to watch the performance. But it had been necessary to keep Adam relaxed. Necessary to stop him from thinking and panicking. To that end, it seemed that their goal had been achieved. Buffeted by his emotions, Ami no longer felt the fringes of his panic or wariness. There was hesitance yes, and a bit of confusion, but there was also curiosity and eagerness now present in his emotions as well.

Adam was sated . . . for the moment at least . . . and Megabyte . . . well he was demonstrating a good deal more restraint than seemed possible under the circumstances. His body was a tense bundle of nerves and unexpressed desire, and Ami was surprised that he didn't simply explode on the spot. Something would have to be done about that. . .and she would clearly have to be the one to do it. Not that she objected, but it left the question of what would be done about Adam? There was no way she would let him leave the bedroom or do anything that would encourage him to develop cold feet. And she was pretty sure that he wasn't so comfortable yet that he would just join in.

Sensing her thoughts, Megabyte kissed her shoulder. "I'm fine."

"You're dressed," Ami observed.

"So are you," he reminded her.

"Yeah, guys, why am I the only one with no clothes on?" Adam asked, propping up on his elbow to stare at them. His cheeks were flushed pink and it seemed to be a mixture of both embarrassment and post-coital satisfaction. No, definitely not quite up to the taking initiative and jumping right in point.

"Because you got to go first," Ami informed him. Then patting the mattress beside her, she beckoned him, "Come up here."

Adam obeyed and she kissed him again, long and hard, a bit elated when he met her kiss with the same intensity. Tongues warred and fought for dominance. In the end it was Adam who won, cupping a hand behind her head and holding her mouth a prisoner to his kiss. With one hand tangled in her hair, he used the other to caress her breasts, gently thumbing the already hard and sensitive nipples. She felt Megabyte's mouth on her neck, kissing and sucking on the juncture where neck met shoulder, a point that always pushed her and elicited soft moans of pleasure.

The bra loosened, the straps falling away from her shoulders in the wake of Megabyte's strategically planted kisses. Two pairs of hands pulled the errant cloth away from her body and the sudden sensation of her heated skin making contact with Adam's made her inhale deeply. Nipples brushed against nipples and Adam firmly cupped her breasts in his hands, massaging them and kneading them, molding her to his touch. Adam's hands were joined by Megabyte's, and the two of them mercilessly stroked and fondled, kisses and nips covering her neck and shoulders until Ami whimpered between them.

"Guys?" Ami asked softly when Adam allowed her to come up for air, "I think we need to slow down here."

"No we don't," Megabyte whispered in her ear, "It's your turn."

As if to punctuate the words, Adam's head dipped down and swirled his tongue lightly around her nipple.

Oh ye gods, was the only thought that formed in Ami's brain as her body betrayed her by trembling and arching towards his mouth. Adam repeated the action, two, three, four times more . . . never quite taking her breast fully into his mouth, always just teasing the nipple and teasing her. Ami tried to grasp his head. She wanted to force him to stop his game, but Megabyte held her arms even as he continued to wreak havoc on her body with kisses.

"Please," Ami panted the sixth or seventh time Adam's tongue touched her.

The pleading won out. Adam deftly took her breast in his mouth, suckling and tasting her. Awash with sensation and relief, Ami barely registered being lowered back onto the bed, registered nothing but Adam's lips on her breast until she felt her other nipple drawn into another mouth. Two mouths, one on each nipple pushed even her restraint to the limits. She whimpered and whined, making small inarticulate noises that spoke only of passion and desire. There was a wet heat between her legs and she wanted nothing more than to be free of her jeans. She wanted to feel something. . .anything. . . against her hot sex.

Unconsciously, she began to edge her hand there, sliding it downward to the haven between her legs. She started when her hand was firmly grabbed and held away from her body, both boys stopping their attentions on her breasts.

"Don't stop, please," she begged.

Megabyte held her hand away from her body. "You don't get to do this. That's what we're here for."

Then blue eyes met brown ones over her body and Megabyte gave Adam a wry smile. Ami wondered what was going on, what she had missed, but then Megabyte's mouth met hers, devouring her in a long, hungry kiss. She responded greedily, clinging to his head and to his mouth as though the kiss were the very essence of her life force. She only paused, quivering as Adam's kiss began to trail lower, alternately kissing and licking her torso.

A hand, she assumed it was Adam's but it was hard to be certain of anything at this moment, brushed her sex through the material of her jeans. Crying out in encouragement, her hips bucked up off the bed, grinding against that touch. With that encouragement, Megabyte broke off their kiss, licking his way down her body until he met the barrier of her waistband.

They undressed her together, Ami helping them by wiggling out of her jeans and soaked panties as quickly as possible until she lay as bare as a babe in the center of the bed. Yet, neither of them touched her and she raised her eyes to see them watching her, or rather to see Adam watching her and Megabyte watching Adam.

"What?" Ami asked, suddenly feeling quite vulnerable and on display.

The way Adam's dark eyes moved over her body, touching every curve produced new waves of heat and wetness between her legs. There was an intense hunger in his eyes, a dark lust that Ami was only used to seeing on Megabyte's face. "She's beautiful," Adam breathed softly, and she knew that he meant the words for Megabyte, not for her.

Megabyte smiled, his eyes darting to hers for an instance, "Oh, yeah. She is."

The words and the heat behind their voices, the way they discussed her as if she wasn't even present, made her blush from her toes to the very roots of her hair. She closed her eyes and fell backwards, trying to slow her panting and waiting for whatever they would do next. She just hoped they stopped gawking and did it very soon.

Ami needn't have worried. She felt a rain of kisses on her abdomen, a million touches of fingers brushing and sweeping over her body, teasingly brushing the dark curls that nested right over her weeping sex. She twisted under that touch, not really caring whose hand it was, just wanting someone to touch her, to relieve the pressure that was building.

Slowly, a finger slid inside her as a mouth descended to her breast.

"Yesohyes," Ami cried clamping down on that touch, eagerly bucking her hips to encourage the movement of the finger inside of her. That finger was joined by another, a second mouth taking hers and swallowing her soft cries and whimpers in delicate kisses. She realized then that they were both inside of her, both Adam and Megabyte moving their fingers in rhythm together, stroking and petting her. The thought of being finger fucked by the two of them was enough to send her thoughts spiraling out of control, enough to make her body tremble and quiver beneath their ministrations.

It was almost too much sensation. Hands and mouths on her breasts, two fingers buried fully inside of her, plunging in tandem and rhythm. In and out, in and out and now a thumb brushed her clitoris, rubbing small circles around it. The tongue on her breast mimicked the motions of the thumb on her clit, circling around and around, sucking on the nipple each time her clit is gently tweaked and pinched. The tongue in her mouth moved in time with the motion of the plunging fingers, and together the two young men pulled her body into a void where there was nothing else and nothing else mattered. It was only the three of them, her body quivering and rising at the their touch, their hands their fingers stroking, fondling and setting her afire.

Ami moved her hips, grinding up and down in rhythm, forcing the contact that she needed so desperately to pull her to where she needed to be. The fingers plunged in and she bore down, in and down, out and up until the tension broke over her like a tidal wave. Arching up off the bed, she cried out loud enough to wake the dead. And still it did not end, wave after wave of sheer indescribable pleasure washing over her as her body jerked and spasmed beyond her control. Tremor after tremor carried her up and over until the entire world exploded in feeling and sensation.

She didn't know how much later she came back to herself, panting hard, covered in the stickiness of sweat. One lover gently kissed her breasts and abdomen, the other kissed away the salty tears of release that covered her face. She snuggled into the body nearest her face, inhaling the smell of him . . . salt, sea, air . . . Adam. With a giggle, she prided herself on the recognition brought by scent and touch alone.

"Intense, huh?" Adam asked her softly, his breath warm against her ear.

"Mmm," was all the answer Ami could manage, still recovering from the intensity of her orgasm, "Guys don't play fair."

She felt more than heard Megabyte's soft chuckle against her abdomen. His hand . . . oh, his hand dipped between her legs yet again and she twisted away, not ready to brave another release like the one she just had. There was no insistence to the touch, which simply grazed the wet curls and drew away, however, she did open her eyes to glare at him . . . only to realize that it wasn't his hand at all.

Ami watched with mixed fascination and eagerness as the eldest of them brought his fingers to his lips, licking away the taste of her. As Adam's dark eyes met hers, his finger still between his lips, Ami felt her entire body charge to life. . . aching with desire again. It was probably one of the most erotic things she had ever seen before in her life.

No, she realized a few heartbeats later, it wasn't. The most erotic thing was watching Megabyte extend his hand to Adam and watching him repeat the motion on the other boy's fingers. Ami wondered in passing when Adam had slipped so completely into the swing of things.

"Go for it," Megabyte whispered, crawling up to cradle Ami in his arms.

"You think I should?" Adam asked.

Ami looked from one to the other, "Hey, remember me? What's going on?"

Megabyte held her against his body, and Ami peripherally noticed that somewhere along the line his shirt had disappeared. Bare skin met the bare skin of her back, although a panted leg rubbed up against her. He kissed her on the shoulder, but kept speaking to Adam as though she hadn't spoken at all, "You want to, don't you?"

Adam drew a slow, ragged breath, his eyes moving along Ami's body, "Oh, yeah."

"Then go for it," Megabyte said the words like a challenge.

"What about you?"

"What about me?" Ami squeaked, getting the feeling that she might not like the results of this conversation at all.

She could feel the smile in Megabyte's voice, "I think I just want to watch."

Adam's hand tweaked her nipple and Ami squirmed under that touch, "I never knew you for voyeurism, Megabyte."

"You never knew me for a threesome either did you?"


"Yes, Ami?" They both turned their attention to her at the same time, identical smiles of innocence plastered on their faces.

"What's going on? Did I miss something?"

The two exchanged glances and as Adam lowered his mouth to kiss a trail down her torso, Megabyte whispered in her ear, "Adam likes the way you taste."

One, two, three heartbeats later and Adam's hand gently spreading her legs told Ami exactly what was going on. She shook her head frantically, trying to keep her legs closed. Her body was still reeling from the multiple orgasm they had created just a few moments ago, she wasn't sure she was ready to handle another one. "No, please, I can't - I can't do that again, not yet."

"Then I'll just have to make sure I take my time," Adam said softly, his voice thick with lust and promise as he lowered his mouth between her legs.

Ami gave herself up for lost.

Part 5

Adam was enjoying Ami's body. Once he realized that tonight really was "anything goes," he had begun to relax and simply move with the spirit of things. The trust that Ami and Megabyte bestowed on him and the willingness to share themselves so completely was nearly like a drug, and it was a hard drug to deny himself. That coupled with the telepathic link forming between them which wrapped them all in the sensations and arousal of the other, which also was a drug of its own making, made it all but impossible to resist.

And the greatest of all temptations was Ami. She was the unexpected enigma . . . more unexpected perhaps than Megabyte's very eager participation. In Adam's mind, Ami had always been controlled and schooled. She was the type of girl with simple tastes, who considered sex and intimacy private matters, not to be shared outside of the bedroom. Instead, she was nearly the exact opposite. Ami had shown herself to be seductive, whimsical, enthusiastic and above all . . . responsive. Responsive he liked. Adam could think of an affair or two where his partners had to be coaxed from their shells like turtles and it had been a painstaking task. He wondered if Megabyte realized precisely how lucky he was to have Ami as a lover.

Now Adam lowered himself between her spread legs, planting light kisses along the inside of her thighs, ignoring her heated core entirely. Which wasn't easy to do. The smell of her assaulted him. Despite her protests to the contrary, her hips squirmed forward as he lowered his head and her body begged for his touch even if her mind said otherwise. Her scent, musky and feminine, combined with her very plain arousal that he didn't need to be a telepath to detect, coupled with her movements made him want to do nothing more than forego this stage of the game and simply take her. But he wouldn't do that. That wasn't what this was all about.

Turning from her thighs, he studied her, noting the wetness that glistened on her outer lips. Her body was ready . . . more than ready. Using thumb and forefinger, he gently spread her swollen lips, flicking his tongue ever so lightly into her channel. Ami writhed at that touch. She whimpered, soft incoherent words pouring from her mouth. Adam raised his head to look at her, but her head was thrown back against Megabyte's shoulder, her eyes closed. The other boy was working to keep her sensations high, his hands stroking and fondling her breasts. With a smile, Adam returned to the matter at hand.

He lowered his mouth to her, this time slipping his tongue fully into her slit. She bucked her hips, her whimpering growing louder. Swirling his tongue inside of her, Adam worked to duplicate those reactions for a time. He did like the taste of her, he liked the way she moved beneath his mouth, grinding herself against him as she desperately tried to focus the attention where she needed it most. Obligingly, Adam gently stroked her swollen clit with his thumb, using his tongue to stroke her in the same way his finger had done only moments earlier.

Adam felt tremors moving through her legs as the muscles clenched. Her hips moved with him now, following him stroke for stroke, as she cried out and urged him onward. He could tell she was getting closer by the moment, and when he withdrew his tongue she gave a wail of disappointment.

"Dontstopdontstopdontstop," her words ran together as she gazed down at him with lust glazed eyes. As their eyes met, for one moment their minds met and he could feel the incredible tension built up in her body, and it began to trigger a build up in his own. Already his cock was swollen and hard, and it was getting harder by the minute.

Adam kissed her stomach, her navel, her thighs, all the while applying only the slightest of pressure to her womanhood with his hand. Ami whimpered, she squirmed, and finally cried out in frustration, "Dammit Adam, stop teasing me!"

With a soft laugh, and somewhat aroused by the fire and vehemence in her voice, he lowered his mouth one last time. This time he caught her clitoris in his mouth and began to suckle it like a babe at his mother's breast. One finger slid easily into her wetness, curving upwards to touch a particularly sensitive area and she began to rock against him, moaning and gasping. Her orgasm broke over her with a sudden ferocity, he felt her muscles tighten and spasm around his finger, and her hips bucked wildly. Adam felt her thighs tighten, felt the actual rippling across her abdomen as she rode the crest of her climax. He didn't stop licking and sucking until the last tremor faded away and she collapsed backwards, quivering and drawing breath into her lungs.

Adam kissed her parted legs one last time, before sliding his body upwards to join her and Megabyte on the bed. The other boy's eyes met his and he saw something there he hadn't seen before . . . curiosity mixed with what? Jealousy? Envy?

Cradling Ami's head in his lap, Megabyte stroked her hair but directed his words at Adam. "Wow. You have to show me what you just did sometime."

"Not tonight," Ami whispered softly, "Please not tonight."

Adam laughed, curling up besides the young woman's body and kissing her softly on the shoulder. Small shudders still racked her slight frame and he offered the kisses as an apology for pushing her body to the limits yet again. "It's just a little something I learned."

"It seems to work pretty well," Megabyte observed, his eyes going to the woman curled between the two of them, "I think that Ami is down for the count."

She nodded, a barely perceptible nod, but a nod. Her words were slurred and tired, "Yes. No one else fucks Ami tonight."

Adam did a double take, astonished by her language. Despite the accuracy of the description buried in her words, it still took him a moment to digest them coming from Ami. Which, was an unspoken irony in and of itself. He kissed her again, drawing her warm, soft body against his, an action that only a few hours earlier would have been foreign to him but now felt completely natural.

As he looked up, he quietly observed Megabyte's face. It seemed that he could read the boy like an open book. Megabyte's eyes moved slowly over them, and Adam turned the pages of the emotions that showed there. Arousal. Longing. Admiration. Envy. Adam could almost sense his thoughts, even without being telepathic. Megabyte was stunned and perhaps feeling a bit out of his element . . . it probably had never occurred to him that someone could pull from Ami the reactions that he did, that she might respond to someone else's touch as she did to his.

"So," Adam asked conversationally, "Is there some particular reason that you're the only one of us still dressed?"

Part 6

Adam's question pulled Megabyte from his thoughts. He had been staring at them, watching them with a curious mix of envy and admiration. The ability to bring Ami pleasure had been one that he had taken for complete granted. It had never occurred to him that perhaps there were additional levels of her responsiveness that he had never tapped into. Yet, in one night, in just a few hours, Adam had. And he wondered what it took to develop that level of insight and intuition.

As if reading his thoughts, Adam gave him a crooked grin, "I could show you, if you like. It's just all a placement of fingers." Then giving a quick glance at Ami, he amended, "Later."

Megabyte laughed softly, continuing to play with Ami's hair. She looked so beautiful there, flushed and satisfied. He couldn't fault Adam for that accomplishment.

"Is she going to be all right?"

Megabyte nodded, recognizing the slow, easy rhythms that Ami's breathing was falling into as a herald of sleep. Or at least the herald of a nap. "Yeah, she'll just sleep it off and be as good as new. She's . . . a little insatiable sometimes."

"Lucky you," Adam remarked, and this time it was his voice that twinged with envy.

Their eyes met again over Ami's still form and it the weird factor of the entire situation made Megabyte burst into laughter. Perhaps it was tension, embarrassment or both, but once he began laughing, he couldn't seem to stop. And the laughter had a soothing effect . . . it washed away all of the embarrassment and envy that he had been feeling earlier. Adam stared at him curiously for a moment, then he too began to laugh.

Several minutes passed before they could properly reign in their laughter and regain some control over themselves. Finally, Adam drew a deep breath and indicating Ami, raised an eyebrow, "So, while the princess sleeps. . .what's next on the agenda?"

The dark, silent question in Adam's eyes made Megabyte's breath catch. He wasn't sure what was more surprising at the moment, the question that the other dared to ask without asking, or the fact that his body physically responded to that inquiry on all levels. God, he had thought he was just performing a duty, a service of necessity, but now he began to realize it was more than that. He recalled the thrill of power he had felt when he sucked Adam's cock, the desire that it made him feel. Tonight all boundaries were gone. Tonight there was nothing to hold back and no reason to hold back. For only the briefest of moments, he questioned his heterosexuality, but the thought was fleeting. This had nothing to do with notions of hetero- versus homosexuality, this had to do with something far stronger. This was an attraction, yes, and a primal one at that. But also a link between friends, a link between minds.

"Megabyte," Adam spoke softly and firmly, reaching across Ami's body to run his fingers lightly along Megabyte's straining erection. "You think too much."

With a laugh, Megabyte decided to stop thinking. He threw caution out the window, and followed an impulse. He leaned down to kiss his friend before he lost the nerve. The kiss was intense, Adam's hand wrapping around his head as his tongue roughly plundered the other's mouth. The taste of Ami was still strong on his lips, in his mouth and Megabyte found himself kissing him greedily, tongues fighting for dominance.

Ami shifted between them, reminding them of her presence, but she didn't stir.

A silent acknowledgement passed between them to not disturb her and Megabyte followed Adam to the floor. There they resumed their kiss, hands roaming and exploring. The kiss rose in intensity, each one challenging the other to new heights and neither ever seeming to win that particular battle. Together, they somehow freed Megabyte of the confines of his clothing. The feeling of Adam's skin against his, Adam's erection against his own, burned him like a brand and nearly pushed him over the edge.

Megabyte gasped, a powerful tremor shaking his body when Adam's hand wrapped around his cock. He bucked into that touch, Adam's unexpected willingness providing more stimulus for arousal than he could have ever imagined. The Austrailian's lips grazed his neck and blazed a trail from his shoulder to his ear. When he spoke, his voice was a playful whisper, as if he could read the other's thoughts . . . which he probably could, "I've entertained a few thoughts of my own, you know."

The hand on his straining erection stroked and caressed, splaying kisses from shoulder to shoulder and then down his chest as Adam eased him onto his back. He didn't resist, didn't want to resist. And soon it didn't matter, he couldn't even think of resisting . . . hell, he couldn't even think straight as Adam's mouth encircled his engorged member. Megabyte groaned, a low feral sound deep from the back of his throat, hands locking around the dark head of hair to pull him closer and hold him there.

The pleasure was maddening. All night, he'd been struggling to restrain himself, wanting nothing more than to simply use his own hands to give himself release. But he'd been drawn into the attention they laved upon Ami and he didn't want to spoil her pleasure. Now she slept and only they existed, only he and Adam and the steady, gentle sucking and kissing on his erection.

His hips thrust, his body begging for release; each time Adam drew him in deeper, tongue swirling around the head, he gave a loud moan of utter pleasure. He was losing himself, sinking into a ocean of sensation where he could focus on nothing else beyond his body. Megabyte knew the moment that he was getting closer, and he came with a loud cry, teetering over the edge and losing himself in a shuddering of freedom.

When he came back to himself, trembling and panting, he dared to open his eyes to peer at Adam, asking another unspoken question.

Adam smiled slyly, "I read and imitate too." Adam kissed him affectionately, allowing Megabyte to taste himself on the other's mouth before whispering softly against his cheek, "By the way, we were being watched."

Part 7

Ami drifted, not really awake and not fully asleep either. Her mind and body floated in that half-world of twilight sleep while she rested and recuperated from the quite enjoyable assaults upon her physical self. She heard the two young men, and in some dim, dark corner of her mind she thought she had a fleeting grasp of what was going on. However, it wasn't until she pulled herself from the fringes of sleep, her body whining in protest to the cool and emptiness of the bed around her. Her eyes opened slowly, and it was only when she drank in the sight of Adam and Megabyte that she snapped into a state of full wakefulness.

Every part of her body thrilled and hummed as she watched Adam take Megabyte into his mouth. It was an action that she had performed hundreds of time before, but watching it from a distance gave it a new air of eroticism. Her boyfriend's hands curled in the elder's dark hair, his hips rising off the floor as he thrust like a creature possessed. Drawing a deep breath, Ami tried to slow the pounding of her heart. A sharp ache of heat surged between her legs, and biting her lip, she shifted on the bed, grinding down into the mattress beneath her. She felt a new wetness, a new throbbing, her body reviving and awakening at the sight of the two young men before her.

Responding to the rising ache and hunger inside of her, Ami rolled over and slipped off the bed onto the floor. She landed with a soft thud that went unnoticed by either Adam or Megabyte, so engrossed in other activities they were. Which was just as well. She didn't want to distract them. She only wanted to move closer . . . to watch and observe.

Leaning back against the foot board of the bed, Ami briefly caught Adam's eye. He didn't stop what he was doing, but it told her that her arrival hadn't gone so unobserved after all. She simply smiled at him before turning her attention to Megabyte, hearing him make sounds and writhe in a way that she had never observed from this standpoint before . . . she wasn't causing them.

Body trembling, she ran her hands along the length of her body, firing off a million nerve synapses. She spread her legs, opening herself for the hand and fingers that slipped between her thighs, plunging into the wetness of her sex. Ami bit her lip to keep from crying out, her eyes focused on the movements of the two males. She timed her rhythmic thrusts of her own fingers with the bobbing of Adam's head, her hips moving in time with her fingers. The sounds Megabyte made told her he was getting closer and closer and when he cried out, she thrust hard against her hand. She was close, so very, very close, and the stroking and plunging of her fingers increased. She didn't even care when she caught them both looking in her direction, watching her with interest. Throwing her head back against the bed, she rocked harder, willing her body to release. One hand fondled her engorged breasts, and she heard a soft keening moan that she recognized as her own. Deeper and faster she plunged, rising higher and higher until at last she broke free, her inner muscles clamping down on her fingers as her body rocked in climax. She moaned, riding the crest of that wave until it rolled away, leaving her breathless and flushed.

"Well, that was interesting," Adam remarked when she finally lowered her head and made eye contact with them.

"You guys were otherwise occupied," Ami smiled and shrugged. "A girl has to do what a girl has to do." Then looking from one to the other, she deliberately and with aching slowness removed her fingers from her heat, raising them to her lips to lick the moisture off. As she did, she felt a surge of lust and bawdiness from both of them. With a delighted giggle and heady on the power that could only come from wielding her sexuality over two horny young men, Ami crawled over to them, settling herself in Adam's lap as if it were the most natural place in the world to be. Which at this time, it was. Squirming teasingly against him, she raked her hands through Megabyte's hair, "So, do I get to play now, or should I leave?"

Megabyte caught her hand and brought her fingers to his lips, "I thought you didn't want to play anymore tonight."

She drew a sigh as he kissed her fingertip and drew one digit into his mouth, "Changed my mind. Woman's prerogative."

"Jealous?" Megabyte teased, moving onto her second finger.

Adam kissed the junction where her shoulder met her neck, bringing his hands up to cup her breasts, "Afraid we were going to forget about you?"

Ami resisted the urge to lean back into Adam's ministrations, and instead pulled her hand gently from Megabyte's and politely nudged Adam's hands away. She shifted, giving them both a reassuring smile at the confused looks they darted in her direction. With her arms wrapped around Adam's neck, she met and held his gaze. "It occurs to me that there is something wrong here. This is supposed to be for you, but you seem to be on the giving end a lot more tonight than the receiving."

Adam smiled, "Better to give than to receive."

He lowered his mouth to her neck and she stopped him with her opened hand. "Adam."

"She's got a point, Adam," Megabyte stretched out on the floor beside them, "It is your night."

"And you are avoiding being the center of attention," Ami added, "Now, tell us what you want? The one thing that you really want."

Adam stared at her for a moment and she felt a tremor go through his body. Then he averted his gaze, trying in vain to hide the tightening of his shields behind a laugh and the soft nuzzling of her neck, "I want to pay attention to you."

So, there were still things that Adam Newman couldn't bring himself to ask for. She could feel his need and hunger radiating from him like a hot oven that threatened to burn her to a cinder, but he wouldn't even say the words aloud.

She gave a glance at Megabyte, who still sprawled on his back, propped up on one elbow. For a moment their minds met and their thoughts were aligned. She tested his emotions, his reactions and he assured her that everything was fine, that he knew what Adam wanted and couldn't ask for as well. At his nod of approval, Ami returned her attention to Adam, asking the question that he either couldn't. . . or wouldn't ask, "Would you like to make love to me, Adam?"

His entire body trembled in response to her question, his arms tightening around her. She felt his physical reactions, the increase in heart rate, the way his erection jumped where it rested against her. A cool rush of air brushed her neck as he inhaled sharply. Time hung suspended while he said nothing, simply held her on his lap. Then slowly, he lifted his head, but not to look at her, but to look at Megabyte, his voice hoarse, "I would very much like that."

Part 8

"Do you want to make love to me, Adam?"

The words, pronounced with a confidence that could only be mastered when one already knew the answer to the question, sent a jolt through his entire body. It thrilling him from his toes to the roots of his hair, his body responding to that simple question in ways that he had not imagined were possible. It seemed ironic to him that that question should affect him this way, when nothing else had elicited such a powerful response to him. But Ami's offer went beyond everything else that had happened here tonight, he recognized that. This was her ultimate gift, the offer of herself and a level of intimacy that he had been longing for all night.

He didn't answer right away. The truth was that he couldn't answer immediately. His breath caught in his chest and it took him a moment to control the torrent of desire that threatened to drown him. Only when he was more sure of himself did he raise his head, not to look at Ami, but to meet the eyes of Megabyte. Ultimately, it was the other's decision. On some level Ami belonged to Megabyte, body and soul, and he would not tread there if they both did not welcome him. "I would very much like that."

The red head gave him a nod and an encouraging smile, "Go for it."

Permission granted, Adam released the breath that he hadn't realized he was holding.

It began with a kiss, Ami turning her head to touch his mouth with her own. They tasted one another's mouths, tongues sliding across teeth and twining around one another in a hungry dance. Adam rose slowly, lifting her and carrying them both to the bed. It occurred to him at that moment that he had never had a woman in this bed but lost in the depths and offer of her kiss, the thought was fleeting and slipped from his grasp as quickly as it arose.

He explored her body more thoroughly than he had at any other time during the night. Using his hands and mouth, delivering touches, kisses, and gentle bites, constantly marveling at the reactions he pulled from her. Ami echoed his actions with her own body, neither of them leaving an inch of heated skin untouched or unexplored. She showed no hesitance, no doubt and no regret. Because she opened and gave so freely of herself, Adam let go of all his barriers as well.

Her body pressed beneath his on the bed, her hands roamed over his body. Each touch was like a brand, searing him and leaving him marked. Adam kissed his way from her neck to her shoulders, then going lower to gently lick the hallow between her breasts. A hand clutched his head, guiding his mouth towards her nipple, one leg encircling his waist. He gave her what she wanted and was rewarded by a soft moan as she arched her breast into his mouth. His hands traveled to places his mouth could not while it was occupied, fingers slipping into the hot moistness between her legs.

Her body moved to that touch, encouraging it, begging for more. Hands clutched at his back, her voice a cross between a wail and a resigned plea, "Please, Adam. I want you."

Not as much as he wanted her. He kissed and licked his way back to her mouth, kissing her long, hard and deep as he poised himself at her entrance. With one hard thrust he sheathed himself to the hilt inside of her, the rapture and pleasure of that completion nearly enough to drive him beyond. She gasped softly into his mouth as he entered, gently catching his bottom lip between her teeth. He didn't mind the pain.

For a moment, they remained like that, unmoving, continuing to wage war on the other's mouth. She surrounded him everywhere, skin against skin, the most intimate part of her wrapped around him; it was a delicious ecstasy.

After a moment, though, she wiggled, wrapping her legs loosely around his hips. Hands in his hair, she pulled him away from the kiss, raising her hips to rock against him. Her dark eyes were glazed with passion and lust, her smile wickedly vapid. Adam moved with her, thrusting forward until he could go no further, then pulling back. Their bodies moved in a slow, timeless rhythm, a natural dance that took and gave. Each thrust took them higher, bringing them closer as the challenged one another, daring the other to go one step beyond.

She reached that place first, her hips rising off the bed as her nails dug into his back. She convulsed around him, her entire body shuddering. Adam felt the muscles in her thighs tighten, felt her inner muscles clamp down on him, her body bucking wildly beneath his. It was enough. More than enough really. He let himself go, thrusting into her one last time, hard and deep as his orgasm racked his body and he spilled inside of her, drowning in the upward spiral of pleasure.

Trembling and quivering and panting for breath, he collapsed onto the bed beside her, still keeping himself burrowed deep inside of her. Ami drew deep draughts of air, sprinkling kisses on his face. With his head resting on her chest, he could hear each heartbeat, feel the rise and fall of her chest with each breath she took.

"Wow," the breathless comment came from Megabyte and Adam wondered dimly when the other had joined them on the bed.

Giving a squeal of delight, Ami reached out for the other boy, drawing him into a kiss. He joined them eagerly and in a few moments they were nothing more than a tangle of limbs, mouths and sweat. Laughter and kisses echoed in the bedroom until tired and sated, they collapsed in a heap around one another.

Ami drifted to sleep first, curled between the two young men. One arm was thrown over Adam's waist, a leg carelessly wound around his. He drew her close, kissing her forehead softly as Megabyte curled up behind her.

"No regrets, Adam," Megabyte warned him, nuzzling Ami's shoulder.

No regrets, Adam silently agreed watching as the other drifted off to a contented slumber. No regrets when the sun rose in the morning and they had to return to normal. No regrets because they would always have this night of unexpected sharing when they had given themselves entirely of one another.

Settling down to sleep, Adam belatedly realized that he didn't feel quite so alone anymore.

That was good enough for him.


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