It's A Sin
By: Chris Murch


This story is of an adult/erotic nature with many sexual references that the reader may find offensive. It is suitable for over 18's only.

Disclaimer: Most of the characters used here are not mine but are the property of the creators and copyright holders, Roger Price Thames/Pearson TV etc. This story is based loosely on the Characters from the 1970 version of The Tomorrow People.

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I would like to thank Darryl Gillikin for beta reading this fan fiction . . . but I'm sure it was more of a pleasure than a chore!

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Part one The Naked Truth

She was like the vision of an angel as she rose from the turquoise water of the lake and floated up the beech towards him. He studied the shifting patterns of light moving across her skin as the water began to dry in the hot sunshine.

Time elongated as he studied her, the gentle curves of her hips and the rounded fullness of her buttocks. Things moved in slow motion as he watched a droplet from her long silky hair fall against her naked breast. Very slowly it meandered down towards the pointed nipples then departed from the very tip to splash onto the hot sand.

He felt his penis begin to enlarge as the erotic nature of the moment caught him off guard. Quickly as she approached he turned over onto his front.

"Hi Mike." Said Angie as she settled down onto the ground beside him. "You should have come in for a swim, it's almost too hot to sunbathe out here."

"I'll cool off later." He said hurriedly, hoping that she had not picked up his earlier thoughts. "Where's Stephen?"

"Oh, he went with John to speak to the Manyarnern ambassador. Don't worry," she smiled cheekily, "he's far enough away."

Mike, confused by her remark, sat up a little. "Huh!"

"They are far enough away not to pick up your thoughts just now. I am very flattered that you find me so arousing."

Mike opened his mouth to speak but nothing would come out so he shut it again quickly.

She continued. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, I may be Stephen's joining partner but you are an adult and have the same desires as the rest of us."

All Mike could think of doing was nodding as he felt the blush rise up his cheeks and cover his face. Even though he had known Angie for years he had never before realised what a sexual creature she was. Damn Manyarnern group consciousness' he thought. Is there no privacy at all on this world?

(There is as much privacy as you wish. You Tomorrow People just have to learn to shield more often. Anyway, there is nothing sinful about finding a friend's wife attractive. I'd be more upset if you didn't.) She winked mischievously at him as she lay back on the sand. (Anyhow, you have eaves dropped telepathically on our love making enough times not to get embarrassed by this.)

Mike could hardly believe it. His discomfort at the conversation was becoming overwhelming. All those times he had dreamed of Stephen and Angie together . . . he had never considered that they could be real, that he had somehow telepathically linked in to them. This was terrible! If Angie knew then Stephen surely must know too. How could he look his friend in the eye ever again?

Although her gaze was averted Angie felt Mike's anguish at the situation. He seemed very distressed by the idea that he found her sexually appealing. It didn't matter at all to her, in fact she had found the moment quite arousing as well, feeling his eyes soaking up the image of her body, as he had watched her approach from the lake.

She smiled inwardly; humans were so prudish when it came to sex. On her world everyone shared each other's pleasure as they made love and rejoiced in the togetherness of the moment. Still, She didn't want to upset Mike too much. He was human and not used to such intimacy. She decided to change the subject.

"Are you going to take Hsui to the concert on the second continent tomorrow? I know she is really looking forward to seeing Kohlarn perform with his band. And who knows, you may be able to join in too. The Fresh Hearts' may not be here but I'm sure he can find you a suitable instrument to play."

"Yes, of course I'll be taking her, I promised didn't I?" He said a little too grumpily at yet another mention of the concert. "You've all been nagging me to take her out ever since we got here. I can hardly refuse."

Angie was quite surprised by his sudden outburst. She had always noticed how well the two young people got along together. "If you really don't want to go we can take her, I mean we wouldn't want you to go anywhere against your will." She said angrily.

"No, No. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that ever since we got here you have all been on my back to take her out. I just feel a bit railroaded into things that's all."

"Railroaded!" Angie threw her head back and laughed out loud. "You've been in love with each other for as long as I've known you. Don't you think it's time you two did something about it?"

Mike's jaw dropped open for the second time. "She's in love with me?" He managed to stutter once he regained a little composure.

"Yes you silly man." She sat and playfully slapped his upper arm as if she was scolding him for his ignorance. "Don't you feel the emotion in her thoughts when ever you are close by? Don't you sense her looking at you from across the lab when you are busy working on something? Didn't you even notice the pure pleasure she was feeling when you were playing volleyball on the beach yesterday? You know, when she fell and you helped her up!"

"I, I . . . "

Angie swept Mike up into her arms and hugged him to her. (Yes.) She pathed, (It's love that she shows in her thoughts and love that we all feel in yours too. You both have to stop putting off the inevitable and admit it to one another. Just look at John and Liz. They wasted so many years because neither had the courage to tell the other how they felt. Don't waste your lives like that, take the bull by the horns and tell her how you feel.)

As Mike sunk into Angie's arms it was no longer lust he felt for her but deep and uncomplicated friendship. She had at last given him the push he needed and he knew what he must do . . .


Part two: Two hearts.

They were both light headed as they left the temple. The shear emotion evoked by the music mixed with telepathic imagery still clung to the edges of their consciousness. Concerts like these were an everyday occurrence on Manyarner, but to the two young Tomorrow People it was a mind blowing experience. In silence they walked to the transport station, in silence they boarded the hover vehicle and set off for Vanya province. In silent contemplation they sat huddled together for warmth in the slight chill of the night air.

Eventually the craft settled down at the foot of the escarpment, and they disembarked. It was quite a climb up to Angie's family home and the lights from the patio could be seen glowing above them.

"Let's not go back just yet." Whispered Hsui into his ear. "I don't want to spoil the moment by having to describe it."

"Me neither."

Mike took her hand gently in his and set off in the direction of the lake.

Some Time Later:

They were not sure how far they had walked along the lake's perimeter when they decided to settle down onto the sand and watch the motion of the water in the moonlight.

Looking up Mike surveyed the star-scape above them. "I wonder which one is Earth?" He mused.

"I asked John that last week but he said that we are too far away on the other side of the Galaxy's spiral arm to pinpoint it exactly." She held up her hand and pointed to a cluster of bright stars forming a circular pattern. "See that sort of circle? He said that the one on the bottom right is the Trig."

Mike sighed at the star's beauty. "I never realised you could see it from here."

(You are right.) Pathed Hsui Tai, in response to his thoughts. (It is very beautiful.) She saw the shocked look on his face. (Didn't you realise that we have been unshielded for the past few hours? I think it's an after effect of the concert. All those minds linking together to share the visions.)

Snuggling closer to him she placed her head on his shoulder and returned to speech. "Thank you Mike. Thanks for taking me to the concert it was an experience I'll never forget."

Instinctively he raised his arm to encircle her body. Squeezing her tightly to him he kissed the top of her head. "You are most welcome. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have shared the evening with."

Long moments passed between them again. But although they never spoke their thoughts mingled in the warm companionship. "I think we should head back soon." Mike said eventually. "The others will be wondering what has happened to us."

Lifting her head off his shoulder she smiled at his forgetfulness. "Oh Mike you are so silly sometimes."

(John, Liz, are you there?) She pathed on an open channel.

(Yes Hsui.) Came John's immediate response.

(Mike and I are going for a long walk and may not be back for hours so please don't wait up and don't worry if we don't make it home until tomorrow.)

(OK) His thoughts had a deep sense of understanding. (We'll see you both when you get home.)

Mike turned to look into her deep dark eyes. His heart was beating so fast that he wondered if she could hear it. Taking her hand he held it against his chest. She smiled and placed their hands against herself and he became aware for the first time that their hearts were beating in totally synchrony. (Another after effect of the concert?) He thought.

Leaning forward he gently pressed his lips against hers. Slowly she responded to his kiss, letting her body go limp in his arms and surrendering to the pressure as his tongue gently parted her lips and began to explore the inside of her mouth.

The kiss lasted for what felt like an eternity but eventually they separated and stared longingly at each other.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time." He whispered.

"I've been waiting for you to do that for a long time." She began to smile and he could see her facial expression was one of intense excitement.

"Want to get more comfortable? I'm sure we just passed a fallen tree back a little way along the path." He stood and held his hand out towards her.

"My dearest Mike. You are such a romantic, you keep that gentle side of yourself hidden so well."

"My sweetest Hsui Tai." He replied mischievously. "You are such a naughty girl, telling John we will be gone all night, and you keep that hidden well too."


Part Three Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

They laughed together as rapport grew between them and they shared their thoughts, ideas and dreams for the future. After a while they found themselves comfortably lying beside the fallen tree, Hsui's silk Kimono spread on the ground beneath them and Mike's sweater used as a pillow.

Tenderly they kissed again and held each other in a deep embrace.

(Can you smell that?) Asked Hsui pulling away from the warmth of his body (There is the most amazing fragrance drifting on the night breeze.)

Mike lifted his head and sniffed the air. (Wow! It smells wonderful like some really posh perfume.)

(No it doesn't) She replied standing and searching the foliage of the bushes around them (It smells like . . . like a spring day in a meadow close to the monastery where I grew up. Let's see if we can find the source, I'd love to take some home with me.)

As they pushed their way further into the undergrowth it grew progressively darker and darker. Eventually the plumes of the Fructa bushes, which toward majestically overhead, obscured the moonlight.

"I don't like this." Said Mike. "We are going to get lost if we're not careful." But Hsui Tai didn't respond as she pushed aside the branch of the bush ahead of her to reveal a clearing. As she did so they were bathed in lilac light coming from a psionic energy source nearby. "What the!"

Hsui stepped into the clearing and her whole body was illuminated by the glow emitted by the thousands of flowers covering a strange plant that grew in the centre of the clearing.

Mike hurriedly joined her and they stood hand in hand looking at the spectacle before them.

"I know what these are." Said Hsui turning towards him; her expression was that of pure pleasure. "Passion Flowers! They are Passion Flowers and from what I've read they only come out once every ten Manyarnern years when the moon is exactly right."

Mike looked at her completely baffled by the absurdity of the situation. "How do you know that's what they are?"

"I read about them on the Federation's database before we came. They are extremely rare and priceless. There are the most amazing laws banning trade in them across half the civilised worlds in the Galaxy."

"Are they dangerous then?" He said worry showing in his tone.

She chuckled. "No, there is no need to worry Mike. They are no more danger to you or I than a large bottle of Tralmark. They have this funny effect on telepaths that makes them . . . you know feel like . . . "

"Feel like what?" He demanded.

Instead of trying to explain Hsui Tai led him across to the closest branch which was weighted down heavily by the huge fluorescent blooms. Being very careful not to damage the amazing flower she lifted it up to his face and motioned for him to sniff the fragrance.

Reluctantly he leaned close and breathed in deeply. Then it hit, him intense sexual arousal like he had never felt before. His mind became instantly alert to her nakedness and he longed to reach out and pull her body towards him.

His reaction was very obvious to her and she realised that is she was to overcome her shyness and enjoy the moment with him she must also smell the aphrodisiac scent of this rare Manyarnern plant. Tentatively she bent over and sniffed lightly.

Suddenly they were in each other's arms. Mike reached down her back and squeezed her buttocks then pulled her hips in close to his groin. By now his penis had grown huge and she could feel its hardness against her.

As they sunk down onto the soft ground their mouths touched, then as Hsui lay on her back Mike's mouth began to explore every bit of her. He nibbled gently at her neck and she groaned in pleasure. Then teasingly he moved down the silky smoothness towards her chest. Those little nibbles became more frantic as his tongue reached the hardness of her left nipple. Flicking it between her tongue he cupped the breast in his hand and pushed it up towards his face.

Their lustful emotions overtook them as their hands spread out over each other's body. Squeezing, caressing, fondling. Eventually Mike's finger's felt the rough curly hair as his hand neared her private parts. Under the plants influence he could no longer hold himself back and she hardly resisted as he pulled her legs apart and began to feel the wetness between.

Her back arched in ecstasy as he slipped his finger inside her. Tantalising ripples of pleasure ran up and down her body as he circled his remaining fingers over her clitoris. Groaning with pleasure she pulled him on top of her and spread her legs even wider to encourage his entry into her vagina.

Gently at first he pushed his erect penis into her slippery wetness, then with growing intensity he began to push deeper, his heart pounding, his pelvis thrusting. Faster and faster as she gathered him to her and pushed down on the small of his back as her orgasm neared . . .

So there, bathed in the purple glow of the flowers, Hsui Tai and Mike expressed their love for each other in the most intimate and passionate way possible. Their minds merged completely as the moment of release came. With a huge burst of telekinetic energy they lifted themselves off the ground and writhed in ecstasy in mid air. His sperm exploded inside her and her body convulsed as it sucked up the juice and sent wave after wave of unimaginable pleasure running along every fibre of her being.


Many hours later.

Mike opened his eyes and was startled by the sun's intensity even through the thick canopy above. Turning he looked at Hsui sleeping peacefully in his arms. Fragmented memories of what had passed between them the night before drifted across his mind.

Hsui moaned and stretched as she sat up. "Where are we?" She asked as sleep still clung to her mind, then, as she became more alert she recalled the wondrous passion of the night before. "How are you feeling this morning?"

Mike smiled and stood pulling her to him. "I'm just fine it looks as if it will be a lovely day." They kissed.

Walking from the clearing they turned to look back at the passion flowers. But much to their surprise there were no blooms in sight, just a dull looking bush that resembled a dwarf willow tree from Earth.

"Looks like it'll be another ten years before anyone else can enjoy them again." Commented Mike as they passed through the last of the plants and emerged back on the path.

"Yes. We were very lucky. But I'm sure we can manage to re-enact the moment sooner than ten years."

Stooping Hsui picked up their clothes that lay, where they had abandoned them, beside the fallen tree trunk. "Do you want to put this on?" She asked holding out the sweater to Mike.

He looked down at his nakedness then across to hers. "No When in Rome do as the Roman's do'" He replied.

Hsui tai looked puzzled. "But this is . . . "

"It's a saying my mum used to use. It means that you should dress like the locals."

Nodding in understanding Hsui Tai threw the kimono over her shoulder. "Exactly what I was thinking". And with this they walked slowly back towards the house, the heat of the Manyarnern day warming their skin as it took on a very gentle psionic glow.

The end

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