Elemental Connection: "Ocean's Call" - Part 4

There were a few moments of tense silence, that awkwardness seemed to
pervade the Ship's interior.

An unexpected source broke the silence with a speculative thought.

[ I believe I have a partial answer. After digging through my database, I
have discovered that, despite gaps within my files, lies one answer.
Elemental Tomorrow People seem to not answer my beacon at times. ]

I gazed at the Ship in puzzled wonder. "What do you mean, answer your beacon?"

The Ship seemed to hesitate for a moment before voicing its thoughts. I
never could figure out what gender the Ship was, or assumed, when it spoke.
It sounded as if it had mingled female and male voices, to blend it into
one unique voice, neither masculine, nor feminine.

[ When any Tomorrow Person breaks out, I can register their psionic
signature, and attempt to bring them close to the Ship, which is usually
why everyone lands here. However, my beacon files, after diagnosing them
closely, are slightly flawed. I can bring them here, but only into the Ocean. ]

The Ship continued, after taking a moment, seemingly to pause for breath,
although I knew that was impossible.

[.....And Elemental Tomorrow People seem to have an unique brain wave
pattern, even different than a Tomorrow Person's. So I don't always catch
them when they initially break out. ]

Megabyte was the first to speak up, and in a hushed voice.

"You mean there could be more by now and we don't know it?"

The Ship's voice transitioned from lecturing to soothing.

[ No, Megabyte. I can tell if there are other Elementals, if they are fully
broken out, but in the process of their breaking out, sometimes they are
blocked to my sensors. ]

Megabyte ran his hand through his reddish-blonde hair, and sighed softly.

Jade stepped into the foreground, and laid a hand on Kyle's shoulder, who
had a somber expression on his face, and seemed to be struggling inwardly,
with his newfound life.

Jade's smile curved softly. "We all cope, Kyle. In our own way. I remember
how hard it was for some." Jade's eyes seemed to reflect some personal
issues about a certain TP or two, with sadness, and loneliness.

Kyle glanced at each of us, with an intense expression. I sensed he was
ready to try something new.

I plunged into the matter at hand, and gazed at Kyle, with a somber

"Ok, I need to teach you something, I guess. Something the Ship did to me.
To help you accomodate your mind so you can hear and speak with everyone,
without setting off any more earthquakes." I winked wryly at Kyle, who
grinned despite the shock we had all gotten earlier. A thought occurred to
me. What if I could help Kyle adjust through a mind merge? This decision
spurred me to speak.

"Now, just relax, and let me try this. Hold your hands out like this." I
suggested with a serious inflection.

Holding my hands out, palm facing outward to Kyle, waiting for him to do
the same.

Kyle glanced at me, mystified, but held out his hands out across from mine.

[ Join your mind with mine. Let our thoughts become one. ] I sent
telepathically, to initate the mind merge, watching him for any sign of
reassurance. I took the tendril of his thought, and shaped it into a mind
merge, as I was taught by the others.

A green glow pulsated between our palms, light green, then deepened to
bright emerald, shimmering around the hands.

Jade gasped at the sight. She whispered into Megabyte's ear. "What is going
on?" Megabyte silenced her with a quick thought.

To my surprise, I met resistance, to my probe, but as it entered, I felt
overwhelmed with an energy that seemed to glow in my sight, and all around
me. As I delved deeper into Kyle's mind, I sensed he was totally aware of
what I was seeing, and feeling. Kyle stood there, with a slight sheen on
his face, and his palms straining to stay alongside with mine trying to
keep the connection stable.

Megabyte was no longer paying attention to us, telepathic, or physically.
His attention was riveted toward something. I was absorbed within Kyle's
mind, searching for the area that reigned over telepathic thoughts, failing
to notice a glitter that

As I reached toward what seemed to be the telepathic area, the light grew
brighter until it almost blinded our visual sight. Jade winced, staggering
backwards, covering her eyes with her arm. Megabyte turned his head away
sharply, with a muffled groan. I dimly felt connections being placed, and
lines being thrown out,   but I didn't have time to wonder at the last,
before we vanished in a burst of emerald hues.

Downtown London:

Meanwhile, a tall dark-skinned female was glancing at the window of a
jewelry shoppe enviously, that she kept sighing regretfully. Adam shook his
head, and grinned, remembering their latest major adventure, that revolved
around a necklace.

"Ami? Did you feel that!?" Adam quickly glanced around, as something seemed
to surge inside his mind.

Ami's puzzled glance didn't do anything to confirm Adam's feelings. "Uh,
No? Nothing out of the ordinary."

She frowned at Adam's worried glance. "Are you ok? I thought we agreed that
you'd not do this while we were window shopping."

Adam crossed his arms, and gazed blankly, before replying. "Do what?"

Ami shot Adam a withering glance, with her hands on her hips. "Don't play
innocent. You know. Drag me into trouble whenever you can possible!"

Adam tried to look as innocent as possible, but failed. "Ami, you know I
don't! But I seriously thought I felt something unusual."

Ami gave him a droll expression. Grinning widely, she remarked, "It's not
like that Ramses guy would try this again, you know. I hardly think there's
any enchanted necklaces around here."

The feeling had faded. Adam looked around quizzically. Shaking it off, he
grinned at Ami and chuckled. "I guess it was nothing."

[ Megabyte? You there? ] Adam broadcasted with a tone of mirth, that slowly
faded as no response was returned.

He stared at Ami. "Megabyte's not responding." Ami's weary mood had
hastened to worried.

Ami sent out a questing thought. [ Megabyte? Jade? Jonas? ] Her eyes
widened as she recieved no reply.

The two raced to a deserted alley, and gave a quick glance around before
vanishing in a bright burst of static.


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