A Change of Sides

Part One: Beware the Swans

By Charles Mento


ALL of these are finished in handwritten form except TRIAL OF THE TOMORROW PEOPLE...which I fear might never be finished although I had ideas for it.

A large swan gracefully floated across a lake only partially lit by the setting rays of the sun. In a large city nearby two equally large men were fighting a smaller one. The smaller one threw them from a disco and using advanced judo, managed to finish the fight, sending them running. Another bouncer came running out of the disco, "Good job, Chris. I'm sorry I wasn't around to help ya."

"No need, I can handle myself," Chris laughed.

"It looks like you can." A voice from a tall, blonde woman, echoed behind Chris. He turned to eye the young statuesque blond. She was beautiful and nearly faultless.

"Hey, where did you spring from? "It's my job," Chris laughed again, "Uh..."

"Valerie," she smiled, which captivated Chris. "Valerie is my name."

"Alright, funs over," an old man was pushing the stander bys into the disco, "Get back to your dancing." He turned to Chris, "And don't forget you're working." The boss and everyone else flowed back inside. Chris and the blonde girl remained outside.

"Would you like to work for me?"

"What? For you? Doing what?"

"Oh, the same thing you do here---only more of it."

"Well, I don't know. I'm new in Canada. I need the money more than..."

"Well, if you don't think you're tough enough," she turned to walk away. "There is much more money in it for you---more than you've ever imagined."

Chris looked into her yellowish red eyes, "Yes, I guess I will. The old geezer never treats me well anyhow. When do I start?"

"Now," she laughed. Chris vanished in a blast of red smoke. The woman now had on an outfit of a warrior, an ancient warrior. Then she, too, was gone into thin air.

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