The Trial of the Tomorrow People

Part One: Subpeona

By: Charles Mento


As the ragged, now human Jedikiah strode glumly down the disused brick station tunnels, Timus transported the recovering Liz, John, and Tykno as well as a still breaking out Tricia Conway. He did so under his own power. Stephen and Tyso were matter transported also, which was not as safe as a jaunt. In fact, Stephen wondered why the Trig used matter transporters instead of a safer jaunt type mode. The group appeared together on a round jaunt pad inside the arrival sphere, one of the many Galactic Trig structures. John and Liz made noises to signal their recovery but the noises Tricia made indicated a worsening of her condition. She was in fact still
breaking out. And here at the Trig, she heard the mental voices of hundreds of telepaths of many different worlds. She rocked back and forth, holding her head.

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