Elemental Connection: "Ocean's Call"

The wind picked up momentarily, causing Megabyte to shield his eyes,
stepping back, inside the Interior Center of the Ship, near its' Core.

I materialized into the Interior Chamber, as the wind died away, seeing the
redhaired TP covering his eyes. I grinned at him, saying in a dry
tone.  "Hi Megabyte!"

Megabyte peered through his arm, grumbling. "Hey there. Wish that didn't
pick up such a draft..." He continued with a small smirk. "Although it's
fascinating as hell... kinda hard to vanish quietly even more, in your case."

I chuckled in good humor. "Of course. I just *have* to be flashy..."

Megabyte looked at me deadpan, his quick mind realizing my inadvertent pun.
Groaning, he closed his eyes in a grimace, mouthing silently, and
enunciated. "B-A-D... "

I laughed heartily, slapping Megabyte's shoulder.

Grinning wryly, Megabyte winked at me, his mind casting around for another
pun to catch me with, but failing.  Shrugging his shoulders, he remarked

"You know, Jonas, It's been really interesting having you around."

My heart filled with contentment at that thought. The thought of having a
second family, that knew, and could understand the new strange world I had
been thrown in. "I know. I'm glad I met you guys...."

I clutched my head momentarily, as a surge of sadness swept at the fringes
of my mind. I gazed around, puzzled. / That seemed oddly familiar. Where
did that come from? /

Megabyte leaned forward, concern etched on his face. "Are you ok, Jonas?"

I nodded slightly, not really focusing on him, since the sadness was still
slightly pushing at my shields. Apparently Megabyte didn't feel anything
that I was feeling. A deep sadness, from... far away?

Where had that strange thought come from? Shaking my head in puzzlement, I
tentatively lowered my shields, only to be swamped with sadness, and images
that flowed into my conciousness so rapidly, I staggered, backward a step.
Blind to everything else, an image emerged from the confusion.

{ Waves, rhythmic waves pounding against a shore; A haunting melody was
playing, tinged with sadness. Dark Clouds in the horizon...A gurgled
scream..  }

Megabyte tried to snap me out of my preoccupied state of mind, with a
worried tinge in his voice. "What was that?"  After a minute of waiting, he
got more worried.

"Jonas? Jonas! Wake up!" His loud voice did nothing to break my focus.

{ [ NO .. NO! ] } My anguished mental scream tore through Megabyte's
shielding. Megabyte flinched, visibly staggering, awestruck at my power.

Meanwhile, a wind was picking up around the Ship's Core, and myself. A
gust, picking up strength, roared throughout the chamber.  Megabyte covered
his eyes with his arm, squinting through the wind swirling.


Jade sat up, from lying on her bed, as she had been idly reading her latest
school literature assignment, as a feeling swamped her. A feeling of

"Huh? What the--?" She opened her mind, to quest for the feeling. / The
Ship! Something's going on! /

She became drawn into Megabyte's mind, seeing everything happen. The
confusion only increased her feelings that it was paramount to get there.
She finally broke off with a desperate wrench, after Jonas had blasted
him/her with his mental shout, visibly concentrating on getting there. As
she dissolved into static, she reformed back into the same spot. She looked
around in stunned silence, at her room.

Somehow, something was preventing her from teleporting into the Ship. She
stared into empty space, aghast. A mere moment's decision was
made.  Determination only fueled her will, as she attempted another jump.

Shimmering static enveloped Jade. She vanished into a burst of light.


A static burst was seen by Megabyte, dimly, through his squint.  / Jade??
She shouldn't be here. I'm surprised she actually got in! / Megabyte smiled
grimly, as he saw Jade stagger in the maelstrom inside the Ship's Central
Room. She raised her arm to her face, and squinted around, seeing Megabyte
for the first time.

Jade struggled to reach Megabyte and I, but to no avail. The Winds were
gusting around, making it impossible for a sound to be heard.

{ Waves surging higher, and higher. A water wave looming over, to engulf
someone in its watery depths. }

Terror coursed throughout my body, before I started to barely sense Jade,
and Megabyte.

I touched their minds, and ...REACHED. Reached for the presence, with a
blind urgent need.

The winds swirled, and narrowed around the three of us, enveloping us into
static light. And...vanished.

[To be continued...]


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