Elemental Connection: "Ocean's Call" - Part 2

A mini whirlwind divided into three smaller vortexes, depositing the three
stunned Tomorrow People a foot above raging waters, under a dark,
threatening sky. Jade was the first one to realize her surroundings, and
let out a piercing scream, as she plunged into the freezing water. I
plunged into the freezing water, with bewilderment at the sudden change of
surroundings. I felt Megabyte's landing nearby.

"Megabyte!? Jade?!" I shouted over the din of the boisterous wave. I saw
Megabyte swimming toward me, and sighed with relief, and kept scanning for

[ JADE?? Where are you??] I quested for her mind, all the while trying to
keep my head above water.

I heard a small whisper. [ Uhhhh... Ov...er here... help.. ] I finally
noticed a figure frantically trying to keep her head up. I saw Megabyte was
swimming intently toward me, not seeing her. He was closer to her.

[ Megabyte, Get Jade! ] I barked out toward his mind. I saw him snap his
head toward his left, seeing Jade, then quickly swimming after her. Jade's
head disappeared into the tumultous waters. With a determined glance on
Megabyte's face, he dove in, and soon emerged with her, breathing raggedly.

[Megabyte, Teleport her to the Ship NOW! I'll stay, and figure out what the
hell is going on. I can swim probably better than you now. ] I mentally
implored Megabyte, who sent back an mental agreement, holding Jade in his
arms, and vanishing in a static burst of light.

/ Okay. Everyone's fine, I'm sure. So what the hell is going on? Why did I
get pulled here? / Thoughts ran around in circles, as I generated a wind
buoying myself in the water.

I tentatively opened my shields, thinning to a paper's width. Sadness
emanated from one direction, and it was fading fast. A feeling of urgency
overwhelmed me, spurring me toward the emotion. I paddled wildly, striving
to reach whoever needed it. It wasn't long before I reached a spluttering
figure, attempting to swim without much success. I finally reached
him...her? I didn't know their gender, until I finally wrapped my arm
around a masculine body. I concentrated on bringing us both back to the Ship.

Wind swirled above us, as we vanished in a static burst, a tendril of
thought entered my mind.

[ What the hell? ]

As we materialized onto the Ship, sodden, and bewildered...at least one of
us anyways. The unknown male gazed around in wonder, and gasped. Megabyte
and Jade gazed at the stranger with caution, and curiousity, hidden from
the stranger's view.

"Whoa."  He gazed at the Ship's Core, which pulsated gently with warmth, as
if welcoming him.

Slicking my damp hair backwards, out of my eyes, I spoke. "Hello..."  He
whirled around, staring at me, almost stumbling over a foot panel nearby.

"W..what  ? Where...am I?  Who...are you?"

"I'm...." I barely spoke, when he answered with my name. "Jonas. And I'm..."

"Yes...Kyle." I finished for him, slightly amused at his startled reactions.

A curve formed at the corners of my mouth as his mouth fell open, then
spoke, "How the hell..? What? Who are you? How did I know your name, or you

"That's a little hard to explain, Kyle.", spoke the redhead, who emerged
from the other side of the room, tugging Jade along with him.  Kyle whirled
around, to see Megabyte smiling uncertainly.

Putting both hands in a prayer position by his mouth, with his thumb under
his chin, he stood there silently, for about a minute, putting together how
to explain this new situation.

At last, Megabyte spoke in a soft tone. "Simply put...you're the next step
of evolution. Of mankind. You can teleport, telepath, and move things
around. We're called Tomorrow People. At least that's what we call ourselves."


Megabyte grinned in amusement. "I'll show you." Kyle gazed at him with

I felt Megabyte extend a mental tendril toward Kyle. A sudden premonitory
feeling gripped me, and before I could think, or react, the Ship shook
violently, as Kyle screamed, clutching his head.

I moaned in pain, as waves of emotion flung me backwards against the wall,
with a solid thump.

Megabyte stumbled backwards onto the floor in shock. Jade flung out her
arms, trying to keep her balance.

Groaning with pain, I stood up gingerly, leaning on the wall behind me.  I
peered at Megabyte's form on the floor, and sighed softly. "Megabyte...
damn... Don't do that again."

Megabyte chuckled ruefully, as he got to his feet, with the help of
Jade.  He nodded without a word.

Kyle was still on his knees, clutching his head, but starting to come out
of his fit.

A whisper was heard from Kyle's mouth. "W..what was that?" He gazed at me
with wide, frightened, intense silver eyes.

Jade slowly knelt before Kyle, and took his hand into hers. She had a pale
but composed expression on her face. "Uh...Your Element, Kyle."

[To be continued...]


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