Elemental Connection: "Ocean's Call" - Part 3

"My WHAT?", shouted a distressed boy, dressed in damp casual clothes,
jeans, and a t-shirt. He slowly stood up, and gazed around in awe. I was
surprised that I could feel his awe mingled with caution, and wrapped up in
nervousness. I reached toward Kyle with an outstretched hand, to reassure
him in an obvious way.

"Uh, yeah. 'bout that... I've got an element too.", was my finally spoken
words.  I spoke gingerly, as to not startle Kyle too much, but something in
the back of my mind whispered that it was too late anyways.

Kyle gazed at me, skepticism written in his features, and his emotions. He
stood up slowly, to stare at me, as if waiting.

I simply held my hand up, and demonstrated by summoning a wind that swirled
around the Chamber gently.

His mouth fell open, as the wind died away. "Is that for real?"

I nodded with a small smile. "It's a whole new world here." Now I had to
prepare him for his next shock. Little did I know I was going to get one
myself. I looked up at the Ship's glowing pillar.

"This is the Ship, where all of our Tomorrow People tend to come, after
breaking out. Or at least nearby..."

My  arms swept out to encompass the entire room. I smiled as Kyle stared at
the Central Pillar.

I spoke quietly, but continued, "And The Ship really helped me to adjust.
Megabyte, um, tried to touch your mind, telepathically, to welcome you, and
um, that triggered the earthquake."

I went on, as Kyle's attention became focused on me, with curiousity etched
on his face. "Apparently...We Elementals are more sensitive to telepathic
conversations, that seem to fade in and out. The Ship can help adjust it,
so you can talk with the others."

He glanced at me with puzzlement. "Others? Oh. Megabyte...and...Jade?
They're not like us?"

I forstalled his questions with a look, and smiled. "Yes. They are like us,
with one difference. They cannot handle Elements. We can."

He continued, after a moment's silence. A thought seemed to occur to him.

"How can the Ship help me adjust? Wait? You're saying that as if the Ship's

A dry metallic tone, emanated from the Ship's Core, to touch each person's

[ Not exactly, but yes, I do have self-awareness. Hello Kyle. Welcome. ]

Kyle's head snapped up toward the Pulsating Core, and gaped with shock.
"The.. The.. Ship talks?"

A slight chuckle emanated into their minds, as the Ship continued. [ Yes. I
converse. Although I only recently acquired enough language, from the other
Tomorrow People, to learn. I can help you adjust, Kyle. ]

Kyle nodded slightly. The Ship reached for Kyle's mind, subtly attempting
to alter the sensitivity thresholds to accomodate natural telepathic
conversations, and frowned.

Megabyte looked up, sensing the Ship's subtle change in mood.

[ What's going on? ], was Megabyte's quicksilver thought aimed at the Ship.

Regret tinged the Ship's voice. [ I cannot change his pathways. It seems
difficult to attempt. I regret I do not have the necessary ability anymore.
I believe Jonas holds the answer. Perhaps in another time...I could have
done it...]

The Ship lapsed into silence, leaving everyone with questions of their own.

After looking at each one of us with confusion, Kyle whispered into the
deep silence. "What's going on?"

I shrugged, questions running through my mind.

Another question re-emerged into my mind. "Also...how did you break out so
far from the Ship?"

Kyle looked at me with a tinge of interest in his voice. "What do you mean?"

Megabyte stepped forward, with a sobering expression. "We don't know.
Normally...when we fully realize our abilities, or 'break out' as we call
it, we normally land in the water outside here. Not some unknown ocean."

Kyle stared at Megabyte, the strangeness penetrating his awareness, for the
first time.

[End Part 3]


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