Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, except Jonas. All the
characters belong to Roger Price, darnit.

Although, the story is mine. Enjoy! (Takes place after "Elemental Connection")

This story's perspective is told from Kevin Wilson, a Tomorrow Person,
who's been absent from the group for a while. The story from now on, will
be told in Jonas' perspective.


[] = Telepathic thoughts/conversation
{} = Empathic 'sending' (images)
/ / = Private thoughts

Elemental Connection: "Ocean's Call": Prologue

I twisted and turned fitfully in my bed, covers tangling my legs, and cold
sweat on my body. Dreams plagued me. One Dream in particular. As it always
came. New people. New dreams.

Twisting my head back and forth, trying to block out the fearfully real
dreams, I kept seeing the Ship. As I had been there before. Strange images
flitted in and out. Tomorrow People teleporting in and out, wielding flame,
earth, wind, and water. The Ship seeming to shake on its own volition.
Faces of unknown Tomorrow People floated into his conciousness, but were
quickly forgotten.  One face lingered into my mind, admist a raging ocean,
that didn't look recognizeable.

I sat up, with shaking hands, blinking confusedly, gazing around my
darkened bedroom, groping for the light switch on my lamp. The room was
flooded with dim light, illuminating the messy room, with clothes strewn
all over the place, and a bookshelf across from me.

/ That *was* another one. What did it mean? There are NO Tomorrow People
with Elements. Am I just dreaming, or is...this, what I think this is? A
new ...? Naw. /

Shaking my head in denial, at this thought.  / How could there be? No.
There can't be. I must not go back. I have to be normal! /

Thumping the bed at my sides with my fists, I sighed frustratedly.

As I glanced at my alarm clock, it read 3:30am. Damn. I needed my sleep. I
knew I couldn't sleep until I figured this nightmare out.

It DID feel like one of those dreams, like the one I had of Lisa. True, I
haven't had any other ones in a long while. But should I contact the
Tomorrow People again? Should I talk to Megabyte? The last evoked a memory
of Megabyte and I, talking on the sand, right after the Mosquito incident....


The breeze was steady, as the sun shone down, onto the shores of Taphini

"Megabyte?" I spoke quietly, to catch his attention.

Absent-mindedly, he looked at me, pulling his attention from the quiet
lapping of the ocean.

"Yeah, Kevin?"

"I just...decided something." I spoke softly, but with an undercurrent that
he could not have missed.

He nodded slowly, as if he knew. "You're ...leaving us, aren't you?" His
voice slightly caught, but he managed to clear his throat, looking down at
his hands intently.

I sighed, intertwining my fingers, and looked at him again. "...Yes. I want
to see if I can be normal."

Megabyte exhaled sharply, and stared at me with intense eyes. "Why? Why
now? Why do you have to?"

I pulled away from his agonized expression, and forced the words out.
"...I.. have to. I just nearly got killed. I don't want to go through that

I abruptly stood up. I looked behind, and down at Megabyte, who was staring
at me with an emotion I couldn't identify, but knew how he felt.

I looked at my feet, partially covered in the sand. As I turned toward
Megabyte, I noticed he made no move to restrain me from leaving. True, who
in the world could? Even that sobering realization made me pause. The fact
that Megabyte didn't try, made me realize....He knew what I was going through.

He answered my private thoughts, as if he had overheard them, with a small
nod, and a curved smile, as if to reassure me that he'd be here when or if
I decided to come back.

I nodded quickly. Closing my eyes, I concentrated, vanishing from the
surroundings in a bright flash of static.


That memory had left a lump in my throat. I did miss the others, but was it
worth it? Idly kneading my tangled covers, I sighed. I could be stubborn
when I had to. No. They could handle this on their own, if this was indeed
one of my dreams. I had to prove I could still be normal.

Sidling down the covers, after a moment of untangling them, I laid my head
against the pillow, oddly troubled. They could handle this...couldn't
they?  Sleep quickly overtook me, before I had a chance to think.


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